Cloud Computing- Dips or Accelerates

The year 2015 was not remarkable for Cloud Computing as corporate spending on the cloud fall and the technology witnessed a sluggish growth rate. But, 2016 is a year when the table turns for cloud computing and its usage steadily

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Business benefits of Slack

Communication is a key to success. When it comes to the business, it makes business processes simpler and more productive while giving them flexibility and agility. Today, technology advances a lot in giving us various means of communication to keep

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How VR and AR apps benefit Business

Today, tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Samsung pour billions of bucks in developing AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies. Both these technologies have got a huge potential to change our present way of doing business. Read

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FBI Unlocked iPhone- What it means for users

The FBI has recently achieved a massive goal of having access to the data on terrorist’s phone. A technique called ‘lawful hacking’ played a vital role in ending up the ongoing legal battle between the FBI and the Cupertino giant

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All You Need to Know about Enterprise System Integration Services

Today, BYOD and enterprise mobility concepts are closely interwoven in many enterprises irrespective of the size and nature of business. In the edge of IoT, the enterprises need to cope with data assessment and automation to ease the complex business

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All You Need to Know about Apple March 2016 Event

March 21, 2016 was the date set by the Cupertino Crew for announcing a new iPhone and an iPad Pro. An hour-long ‘Loop You In’ event was full of much-anticipated and yet exciting announcements. Here is all we have got

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Healthcare Mobile Apps- the Revolution of Healthcare IT is Here

The healthcare industry faces various challenges in the domains of patient care, doctor-patient relation, integration and assessment of patient data for both diagnosis and treatment, and the like. Healthcare IT plays a vital role in offering tailored solutions for the

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Speculations about Apple’s New Products in 2016

The Apple Keynote Event is pushed back to March 21 from earlier March 15. But, this hang around would be fruitful as the Cupertino Crew is coming forward with a whole new range of exciting products. The iPad Pro with

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Apple’s Row with FBI- All You Need to Know

In an ongoing quarrel with the FBI, the Cupertino Company, Apple has got the support of other tech giants like Google, Facebook, etc. Let us dig deep into the matter to find out the reasons for Apple’s unsupported stand toward

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