Pokémon Go

Why Pokémon Go is on the edge these days?

Gamers all over the world hail Nintendo as a classic console game maker of Japan. Recently, Nintendo has changed the game development strategy from consoles to smartphones, and came up with one of the most popular smartphone games ever- Pokémon

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IndiaNIC is now A Shopify Partner and Shopify Plus Experts

IndiaNIC has a strong and experienced workforce of hundreds of people committed to offering end-to- end business solutions to the clients. The pool of dedicated professionals has successfully worked on thousands of projects across different industry verticals. Apart from traditional

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Machine- Learning

Machine Learning- The Future of Cloud Computing

One thing is common among the cloud juggernauts Amazon, Google, and Microsoft: All three embrace the machine learning technology to make their cloud services more competitive than one another. Machine learning is not a new term for cloud computing, but

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Don’t Stay behind when Companies Get on the .NET Bandwagon

Microsoft’s .NET framework is studded with enterprise-friendly features, and the Redmond-based company keeps on integrating new functionalities and tools as regular updates. Features to facilitate data storage, retrieval and protection enable companies to come up with the next-gen, enterprise-grade web

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WWDC 2016 is here-Everything you need to know

The Cupertino Company is all set for the upcoming annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). WWDC 2016 will be organized at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, California for five days. As all the eyes are on the keynote address given by the

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Shopify plus

High time to switch to Shopify Plus for better eCommerce returns

Large and growing online stores require a robust platform to establish their products amid intense competition. But then, startups and even large retailers also get baffled when it comes to selecting the most suitable eCommerce platform for developing a customized

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Bots- the first step of AI

Bots quickly gain ground in the web and app world. Recently, the social media giant Facebook has also jumped on the bot development bandwagon. There is no exaggeration in saying that bots will be an integral part of apps interface

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Everything You Want to Know about Google I/O 2016

Google is all set to show a range of innovative products in different domains like Android, Chrome, VR, and the Cloud in the upcoming Google I/O developer conference. In an event similar to WWDC of Apple, which is going to

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Data Governance – A Life Vest for Data Lakes

In the era of IoT, the mounting pile of data can be stored in a data lake, a large-scale repository and processing engine. A data lake offers massive storage for any data along with robust processing power and enormous ability

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