iPhone 6 phones

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – How Does China See ‘Em Differently than the US?

Last year when Apple came up with two models of iPhones, critics had not missed any moment in saying that Apple has broken the tradition of small sized smartphones and gradually turns toward the big-sized phones. Yes, the size difference

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IndiaNIC Celebrates Kite Flying – 2015

Every year IndiaNIC celebrates “Uttarayan”, but this year the celebration is special, as we have arranged “Decoration Challenge”. With utmost enthusiasm and joy, IndiaNICians have decorated every nook and cranny to bring “Uttarayan” mood in advance. Their efforts are priceless

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Facts of Cloud Computing

Facts About Cloud Computing

As numerous companies adapt cloud computing as their trusted platform for data storage and access, it is interesting to learn facts and figures of cloud computing. Here we come with the list of stats of cloud computing in general. Enterprises are

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goa trip

IndiaNIC’s Corporate Trip to Goa

As an annual corporate tour destination, IndiaNIC selected upon the beautiful state of Goa- “Pearl of the Orient” this year. With the magnificent scenic beauty and the architectural marvels, Goa has everything to mesmerize tourists. IndiaNICians enjoyed cool breeze coming

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merry christmas

Ho…Ho…Ho..!!! It was Santa!

It was a usual day at IndiaNIC up to 11.30. Then, suddenly we hear “Jingle Bells” and get the pleasant surprise as Santa comes and stands in front of us. We rush toward Santa and Santa gives chocolates and surprise

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Tips and tricks for successful IT Project Management

As we are heading toward 2015, it’s time to turn over a new leaf. You are well aware of the fact that a successful IT project management leads to on-time completion of projects along with maintaining all the business requirements.

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Microsoft Haven

Microsoft Creates Haven with Zero Safety and Privacy Threats

: Cloud computing plays a key role in managing Big Data. As per the latest survey, half of the US government IT professionals have moved to the cloud. No wonder that most of the researchers estimate the cloud computing market

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Business Objectives

Are You Clear About the Business Objectives Before Giving Your IT Project?

The fruitful outcome of your project depends on the series of successful events.  On the contrary to what most of the clients believe that the major part of project development begins once it is allotted, there lies more homework even

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The Enterprise Choice- iOS Platform

The Enterprise Choice – iOS Platform

Let’s start with the latest findings of the mobility index report that says- iOS has a dominating 69% overall enterprise share, followed by 29% share of android platform. Obviously, the introduction of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus plays a

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