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Explore IndiaNIC! Pillars, Walls and Wallpapers that Exude Style

Hello there! All of us have moved to the new premises. And we’re lovin’ it! The new infrastructure is in its place, we are all on one floor (finally!), and most of have settled down to the new rhythm of the new office. Sharing the same floor space with all the different department is a great feeling, the work efficiency has skyrocketed, and its also fun to see new faces every day!

There is something special about the physical personality of our office at Dev Arc mall. The walls, pillars and the general infrastructure of the office follow a theme similar to IndiaNIC’s new brand and corporate identity. The images and slogans on the pillar exude a solid brand image and attitude. To complete the breathtaking effect, we are taking things a bit further − we have designed unique IndiaNIC desktop wallpapers. These desktop wallpapers light up the 450+ monitors throughout our premises, creating a stunning visual impact.

Check out (and feel free to download!) the branded desktop wallpapers designed for IndiaNIC.

IndiaNIC Wallpaper Black
1024-7861280-7681280-10241920-1080 (iMac)
IndiaNIC Wallpaper Blue
1024-7861280-7681280-10241920-1080 (iMac)
IndiaNIC Wallpaper Green
1024-7861280-7681280-10241920-1080 (iMac)
IndiaNIC Wallpaper Purple
1024-7861280-7681280-10241920-1080 (iMac)
IndiaNIC Wallpaper Light Blue
1024-7861280-7681280-10241920-1080 (iMac)
  • Divya

    Nice wallpapers !! Absolute Unity…Gr8 work!

  • Good design , Excellent wallpapers.

  • Vishal Kulshrestha

    Good wallpapers