• Priceshark Enhancement


    Mohammad Matar President at Priceshark.com Orange County, California Area USA priceshark@gmail.com...

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  • ReMarkable Application

    iOSE Learning / EducationiPad

    The client currently works as a Senior Project Manager at SMITH, Ottawa, Canada. He is one of a group of passionate developers and marketers who dedicated to...

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  • StoreLink & SkyLoud

    .NetAndroidiOSTelecommunicationsAndroid TabletiPadWeb

    SkyLoud works closely with the telecommunications industry by processing contracts for its end users. They intend to provide robust contract management...

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  • Christian Mobile Apps

    AndroidBlackberryiOSZendReligionSocial ServicesAndroid PhoneiPhoneWeb

    The client is a businessman based in the United States who is affiliated with several companies including both profit and non-profit corporations. The client...

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  • Social Cloud

    PHPSocial NetworkingWeb

    Scott and Stacey Ferreira, 20 and 18, are entrepreneurs who founded their startup, MySocialCloud, an online service aimed at storing passwords, websites, and...

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