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As a startup company, the client was in dire need of a website for heightened online presence and enhanced functionality leading to global brand awareness.


The Problem

The client was looking to provide a booking and scheduling management system to an ecelectic community of artists. The Artist is able to register and provide details regarding various artistic services they offer. Users the site as an artist or a user looking for any number of artisitic services. An artist would require subscribing for different services provided at the site as per the business requirement and can invite different users to come, schedule or book the slots on the site. The artist would have feature to accept or decline the booking and for which notifications would be sent to the Users. All the financial transactions between the Artist and User for acquiring the Services would be managed Offline. The calendar view would be only provided to the artists only, whereas the user would have booked listings. For making any changes to the Booking and Cancellation of the booking, the user would need to contact the artist offline.


The project was centered on connecting the service seekers and artists. Whilst both can register themselves on the booking and schedule management system, the artists can are able to acquire clients and users can locate artists for a variety of artistic projects or initiatives. Not only can they reach each other, but they can also fix the appointments and book the dates accordingly.

Result Obtained

The site was successfully deployed on the client's server. It fulfilled all the business objectives specified. It quickly garnered the attention of users who sought out artists globally. The website, in essence, connected art purveyors with artists in one space harmoniously.

ROI and Benefits

The client marketed the website extensively and expects to break-even in 6-8 month's time. The site is one of the most sought after websites to book, find and coordinate bookings. Te website acts as the number one online destination to book and coordinate artistic endeavors.



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