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Christian Mobile Apps

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The client is a businessman based in the United States who is affiliated with several companies including both profit and non-profit corporations. The client is a spiritual and religious person, and he founded the company to help people stay connected with religious organizations using their mobile devices.

Christian Mobile Apps

The Problem

The client’s core idea was to help spread religion and religious activities to followers around the world using internet technology. What came to the client’s mind was the concept of mobile application for the purpose of religious organizations. However, mobile technologies are complex, difficult to maintain and expensive to develop. The client wanted to provide an affordable and easily managed mobile application that would help organizations manage their content and applications on their own. The client approached us to turn his vision into reality. He wanted a solution that could be easily adopted by a wide range of religious organizations, and he wanted it to be simple enough for non-technical users to manage. The main objectives were to have: A multi-platform mobile application (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) with a single content management system that could manage mobile applications on all three platforms


We provided a diversified solution to the client, by developing an effective app for all the three mobile platforms (iPhone, Android and Blackberry) through only one web application. The process started from the wire frame iterations, moved on to the actual mock-up of the application, and ended with a cross-platform application solution. The solution worked this way - the user just needs to select an application template and select various features he wants in his application. Next, the user just needs to submit all of the information. Thereafter, an XML file would be automatically generated, based on the information that the user has inputted. The file would then be submitted to the client so that he could submit an application to App Stores for the various mobile platforms. We also deployed an online ticket booking service for the tours using TicketMaster API. We integrated an online donation system and Amazon Store front, to enable users to purchase books online from within the app.

Result Obtained

The major challenge was to provide a solution to the Client that would work on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry (Blackberry Curve & Blackberry Touch) devices. We remedied these issues and provided web application that would allow organizations to access their clients’ console for building an application.

ROI and Benefits

The client’s key objective to help religious organizations was achieved. There are already 21 organizations using the applications created by the client. Many more organizations are expected to use and download the client's applications and services in the near future.



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