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Bray Place is a consulting and advisory firm specializing in consumer payments (credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid and emerging payment solutions) and loyalty strategies. Their areas of expertise includes payment and product strategy, new product development, research (both quantitative and qualitative), product optimization, portfolio management strategies (including pricing and revenue enhancement programs). Following our partnership, we helped launch a venture called Big Bounce Media Limited representing the product.

Click! Retail Application

The Problem

It is proven that a growing number of retailers, restaurants, and entertainment venues have found that their mobile applications are instrumental in enabling customers to purchase from their store, either online or from a shop creating a more engaged customer base. A mobile app has the advantage of marketing to a tangible audience in real-time and its benefits go far beyond social media functionality and usability. The app user can generate brand-loyalty, create hype through word-of-mouth marketing and demonstrate an emotional investment in the brand essentially becoming a brand advocate. Big Bounce Media approached us with the idea of developing a retail loyalty-based online platform by pairing both the merchants and customers to increase the merchant and customers engagement and brand credibility simultaneously.


The idea behind Big Bounce Media came to fruition by implementing the following key features: Geo-locators: This feature can be built into apps to prompt and take advantage of specials and offers when they are in store or near the store. The app user might get a message about a sale or special, or maybe a loyalty bonus for being a good customer. This works for the retailer’s right through to food outlets. Loyalty Offers: Getting repeat business and referral business can entice users to your store by creating loyalty offers for the business through the merchant panel. The Application tracks all the loyalty programs that the user has enrolled into and notifies them as soon as the reward can be redeemed. QR Codes: When any business owner registers with the app, the system generates a unique QR Code for that particular store and each time the customer visits the store, they scan that QR code with Click! Retail app on their phone to participate in the stores’ loyalty program. Offline Mode: The user can use the applications key features in offline mode as well as in the online mode, where all the data syncs with the offline data. Multilevel Merchant Admin Panel: We have created a multilevel admin panel where Merchants can create a store wise store manager as a sub-admin of merchants business and he/she will have limited rights to the particular store. Reports: Merchants will have access to a wide range of reports to track the growth of the business on a monthly, as well as on an annual basis.

Result Obtained

Different merchants use different loyalty cards for their businesses. If a customer wants to take full advantage of their loyalty offers, then he has to keep all their cards. But the fact that the customer will not shop from just one shop or business is the reason why he will keep a number of loyalty cards. It is extremely frustrating to manage multiple cards. Hence, we have made the lives of the customers easy, where all of the merchants come to one platform and allow their customer to participate in their loyalty offers and there is no need to carry anything but their phone. The application is available on iOS and Google play with 4+ ratings on both platforms.

ROI and Benefits

The application was designed with flexible offers that allow merchants to choose what works best - which repeated purchase rates resulting in increased revenue from repeat business giving merchants and customers alike a plethora of benefits. A mobile app has the advantage of marketing to a prospect in real-time. Eighty percent of iOS and Android usage is spent on apps, leaving only 20% spent on browser activities (Flurry Analytics Comscore).



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