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The name of the company is Generation Consultants LLC, a privately held company in Newark, Delaware. It is a telecommunications company that has an annual revenue of around $50,000 and employs a staff of four people.


The Problem

In the US, there are emergency services where the users can inform officials about any incident. These services are included all types of emergencies. But for the firefighting companies, it has been proven to be more difficult to get the respective notifications. As the company receives an emergency notification, it needs to communicate the same to the firefighters and also to check the availability of firefighters. In 2003, this project was launched. At that time, firefighters were informed of emergencies via pager; however, pagers work only with text formatting and cannot provide a great deal of information as compared to a website.


We approached the issue by developing a web-based system for the client. The development was done through PHP and.NET technology. In the long span of 11 years, there have been some different changes in the system. To receive the notifications, Socket System was used to reduce the load across the database. To filter the unwanted information, we used the CAD messages system, which filtered the excess and unnecessary information. The firefighter company and its employees received quick notifications through emails & mobile devices in the defined format, allowing them to respond swiftly through the same system. The client found this solution far superior to previous models as they could get the messages out quickly and receive prompt responses.

Result Obtained

Code Messaging enables a quick and easy distribution of text messages and CAD text message dispatches through existing cell-phones, pagers, tablets, and other mobile devices. You can be confident your messages will reach their destination quickly and privately with such enhanced features such as: Text messaging from any web-browser. No software to install or maintain. Ability to monitor all dispatches and responder statuses in real-time via the Command Center and Response Check modules. Users may maintain their own profile and update their mobile devices anytime. Broadcast messages to your department, from your phone, without entering everyone's information. Phone numbers are kept private and secure, users only see names, and every message is automatically signed. Allows for scheduling of messages which is perfect for reminders and important announcements. Unlimited grouping of users with the ability to set your own private groups for personal use. Infinite review of previously sent and received messages, with the online logging feature.

ROI and Benefits

This system has been developed for the emergency responders assisting them to come forward with the fastest response through the best tools in the event of an emergency. Though there is a subscription system for the companies to get alerts, they are unable to generate revenue through the subscription model. This system has far exceeded the expectations of the firefighters. It was designed for creating a line of communication that simplifies all the aspects of emergency response times with ease. It is a modern approach to a universal problem.



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