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The client is a non-profit organization based in Kuwait and operates in the field of education.

Ebook kuwait

The Problem

The client is in the field of education, and wanted to expand their educational work so that they could help as many people in the region as possible. With the use of the latest technology, they sought a solution for the education system that would allow anyone to read and refer to educational textbooks anytime, from anywhere. With a very short deadline for the project, the client set a number of expectations for this product. The objective of the project was to develop a multi-platform iOS application where users can read books on their devices. The challenge in the project was to target devices with different resolutions and screen orientation. Application Platform OS: iPad (2 & 3), iPhone(5.0,6.0), iPad (5.0,6.0) Target Device: iPhone (4,4S & 5) Resolution: iPhone (960 x 640 and 1136 x 640), iPad (1024 x 768 and 2048 x 1536) Screen Orientation : iPhone (Portrait & Landscape) and iPad (Portrait & Landscape) The client also wished to integrate a third party PDF reader.


We worked closely and tirelessly with the client to develop an educational product to meet their needs. We first provided our consultation and discussed the project. Business analysis was done with close interaction with the client. The application concept was developed to for the client to offer to a user base that would need accessible educational products. The app fulfilled its purpose making learning easier than ever before. The user can read books on the go and the app offers much more than just the ability to read and learn from digital books.

Result Obtained

eBook Kuwait has been completed within the deadline. The application is in Arabic, and using the 3rd party reader, users can read downloaded books within the application. Not only was this app completed within a short deadline, but we were also able to integrate a third party PDF reader fulfilling all of the client's outlined objectives.

ROI and Benefits

On eof the many benefits this app brings includes the ability to provide Arabic PDF reader for the iOS platform. We were also able to create a special library that offers access to various educational books for different classes, with more than 2000 books available in PDF to download and read. Following the launch of the product, the PDF book download rate has increased by 40%.



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