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eNotebook app – Phase II

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WeLearn Educational Software LLC is an initiative of Kevin Giffhorn. He is the Founder and the CEO of WeLearn Educational Software. Kevin Giffhorn was struck with an immaculate idea about an iPad app for streamlining the learning process. He was prompt to foresee a mobile application that would transform the learning process.

eNotebook app – Phase II

The Problem

The Client wanted to develop a robust learning application for the iPad, which could maximize the study time for students. He wanted to get an app developed that incorporated features to reduce the learning time by offering multiple channels of communication, note making, content management, support for multiple data formats, sharing, editing, annotating, sending emails and surfing. Version 1.0 was a major success, but the development of version 2.0 was confronted with the data migration challenge. As users were using version 1.0, once they upgrade to version 2.0, we wanted them to be able to migrate the data easily. However, this was easier said than done. Data migration emerged as a major challenge that possibly might have hindered the objective of our application.


The Client also wanted further improvement in the app. As a result, we directed our expertise to develop version 2.0. Version 2.0 was targeted for a mass user base. The business model for this version was supposed to garner more revenue by in-app purchase. We decided to give a major app overhaul. We worked on including features that would allow to sync with Dropbox and iCloud, handwriting zoom, take audio and video notes, type pages, insert images and password security. Additional features to allow the user to take notes directly on open source eBooks (EPUB format) as well as PDF, DOC, PPT and XLS.

Result Obtained

We carefully mapped the need, datasource, target, assessed the migration, developed and implemented changes successfully. We were able to extract, transform and load the code that streamlined the migration process for the user. This allowed the existing users of the application to successfully migrate their data from version 1.0 to version 2.0.

ROI and Benefits

Multiple education organizations having average 500 students and teachers use this application The provided cloud based solution boosted the user base to frequently use the application Having access to resourceful information from statistical analysis



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