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Epic River is focused on best practices in innovation, design and product management. Their methodologies promote innovation while maintaining a firm grasp on business elements behind the application.

Epic River Team

The Problem

The client has designed and developed a diverse suite of products for leading companies with a focus on operational improvement and profitability. The client wishes to deliver the set of products to companies with the greatest possible return of investment. We provided an offline platform for the best, and most uniquely distinct software solutions for various products helping the client achieve measurable results.


We made the required changes/updates in the existing products/system, based on the client’s requests. We also discovered cost efficient and innovative solutions for the client and allocated a dedicated team for offshore development. The client would get ideal solution methods without having any infrastructure setup cost.

Result Obtained

Along with the implementing strategy, we adopted AGILE software development using the latest tools and methodologies. The client can now keep his customers active and engaged, with regard to their desired level of comfort. Improving the user experience - The client was retained for one well-known product and expanded opportunities for business to improve the data warehouse. Warehouse data allows users to access statistical information year-round from one place. Automating financial transactions – The client gets a request for a missing software function within the hospitality industry. With the engagement of offshore support, hotel managers can now initiate vendor payments directly to the newly developed module without manually creating a file that needs further processing. Maintaining a centralized data management product – There was a usage of a common method of creating, storing, maintaining and retrieving web form definitions that would not only minimize duplicate work, but free the development resources to focus on other projects. Implementing a different approach – School Payment Processors are already available for accepting student fees and tuition payments. The client has used a different and an easier approach to accept students fees and tuition fees by parents.

ROI and Benefits

Since its inception in 2005, the client has been providing high quality software services aimed at solving process-intensive problems. With a focus on high quality and rapid delivery, we provided the agile methodology to the process of innovation. The company’s unique approach to the agile methodology and user experience ensures both parties worked together closely every step of the way to grow the business and realize business objectives.

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