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The client is a web developer. He envisioned the concept for developing an application with an adjacent revenue generation model. The proposed app design helps its users connect to people in the same location.


The Problem

The application allows the user to post their current location along with a picture and notes attached. Other users can check the posts within their vicinity and find out if the users that are nearby are available to connect. The users can also chat with one another without having to add each other in their friends list which saves the hassle of friend requests and waiting for their approval and friendship acceptance.


We built an iOS application, wherein a member can communicate with other members via mobile apps. The application was developed in Xcode, enabling the users to chat with their friends without having to endure hassle of adding them on their friend list.

Result Obtained

The users can find people within their geographic vicinity and connect with them through chat. There is an added feature by which a user can express interest or admiration through a Secret Wink.

ROI and Benefits

The client plans to convert the application from free to paid due to rise in popularity and success. There are currently two versions of app: Lite and Full. The full version will include a more expansive set of features.



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