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Indo-American Pharmaceutical Society

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IAPS is a non-profit organization of pharmacists of Indian origin in the tri-state area. It consists of over 600 professional members and 200 student members.

Indo-American Pharmaceutical Society

The Problem

The goal of IAPS is to promote the professional development and networking opportunities to its members. The goal could be achieved through a variety of activities such as continuing education seminars, annual dinner functions, health awareness activities in the community and other interactive events. The challenge was to provide a solution that would serve the representative community of the pharmaceutical industry and with the objective of providing: Option to have different types of memberships Specific events, seminars and courses that can be opted by the members and its management Members granted with privilege to manage their profile and use an internal messaging system Transferring existing members to the new system with defined new membership and providing supplemental rights and benefits


Our experts prepared the SRS Document as per the Proposal Document and then go for resource identification with RM and TL. Team member understood the scope of the project. All the concerned persons discussed and brainstormed the database development and WBS preparation. The Database design and architecture was handled by technical experts. Parallel tasking for Front Web and Admin Panel Development was challenging, although achieved. The code reviewed by the TL had ensured that all coding was done as per the standards. Finally, project status was updated on a weekly basis to all stakeholders via Basecamp.

Result Obtained

As a result of seamless management and execution, we optimized development within the least time possible within quality assurance standards. This accelerated delivery allowed us to stay well ahead of the proposed deadline before with a relatively intimate team assigned to the project.

ROI and Benefits

The organization increased membership well beyond the current membership volumes by approximately twenty percent. The organization as a whole transformed into a better organized entity and optimized information infrastructure resulted in heightened awareness externally and internally increasing overall organizational legitimacy. Regular updates and notifications kept the organization up-to-the mark and aware of events in the organization. A whopping 40% more participation on seminars and events was recorded after implementing the new system. Detailed profiles of each member with history search was launched and made easily viewable. Increased transparency was engendered by clear-cut membership fees.



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