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iZDOT is a publishing web portal with a huge collection of interesting eBooks, music, videos, magazines and other interactive stuff including games, blogs, articles, images, and so on. It has a high educative value and it also promotes self publishing by authors or poets. Joining is absolutely free to enjoy a wide collection of literary and other interactive stuff.


The Problem

Client came with the requirement of interactive publishing web portal that can work in two-ways: On one hand, it should facilitate e-Learning, and on the other hand, it should act as a connective link between the authors and publishers. Client was peculiar about the format and inclusion of social media channels in this web portal and insisted to add facts and figures on the landing page with fine-looking graphics. Client also wanted to include Authors’ biography in the portal.


Effective use of CakePHP technology creates a publishing web portal with all the desired features. Users get the ultimate experience on the portal in both accessing and publishing the literary work.

Result Obtained

The client got the web portal with all necessary features. Functionality and appearance have significantly increased the popularity of this publishing portal. The client is happy on success of the web portal.

ROI and Benefits

It is an amazing platform for the end-users and authors. It facilitates self-publishing and grouping for the authors. End-users get the interactive stuff as and when they want. Social media network between the authors, publishers, and artists bring them closer. The end-users can subscribe to ‘Newsletter’ to know the latest activities without compromising their privacy. Altogether, the portal gains ground.



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