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Camila Alves, a well-known celebrity and model in Brazil, ventured into the media business with her undertaking – Next Image Group. The company has graphic design operations in Rio de Janeiro. She made a breakthrough into the field by launching the innovative and successful entertainment portal JETSS in 2012. Jetss is the result of Camila Alves and her sister Graziela Alves’ 10 years of professional experience, with the most prestigious stalwarts of the global entertainment and fashion industry.


The Problem

1) The client wanted a dynamic news portal that would help her publish content online. Also, she wanted the design to be flexible and one which could be easily customized. 2) The news and entertainment portal had to be optimized for iPads as well. 3) The use of JQuery and sliders had to work across iPads and browsers. 4) She wanted the best user experience available in terms of the site loading time and number of concurrent users. 5) The client also required integration with an ad platform that allowed her to fetch ads from Google Adsense, post ads on her own, or from some other ad server.


The solution was complex, but the experts divided it into four phases. It required a holistic approach involving multiple technologies and scripts. Phase 1 consisted of creating only HTML designs and mock-ups from the PSDs sent to the designer by client. The challenge here was to involve JQuery sliders, high quality images, and yet keep the page size to a minimum. Phase 1 involved creating a back end in Zend to support content posting. Phase 2 involved integrating the back-end to fetch content to the site. Image resizing, effects, and galleries were used to achieve the same. Various hierarchies were established to ensure how the latest or similar content could be fed to its users. An impressive photo and video section was developed using high-quality media. Phase 3 involved completing a “polls” section that allows users to vote during various polls that the admin handles dynamically. A complex logic was put in place, to check for trending celebrities and the top 4 celebrities at a given time. Apart from a dedicated photo and video section, there was also an option to attach media to other news categories. The Admin can also create various columnists and provide them access to the back-end to manage their content. It also involved creating a newsletter every week with updated content and the ability to send it out to users. Phase 4 consisted of integration of Open Z as an ad-serving platform. It enabled the client to upload ads on her own, fetch from Adsense and open X market. All this could be done for specific ad zones, and for various campaigns. The portal displays Google Adsense ads, text ads, banner ads, pre-post and mod roll video ads, HTML ads and expandable ads.

Result Obtained

The portal was developed on the Zend Framework to allow design customization. AWS was used to allow better user experience, in the event of too many concurrent users. Google Adsense integration, along with Open X was successfully integrated into the web platform. All of these various features fully met the needs of the client and met their business objectives.

ROI and Benefits

The client received heavy traffic and subsequently, to manage the load, the site was shifted to AWS (Amazon Web Services). The client also managed partnered with IG, a leading media group in Brazil, as a partner for the portal. The site was optimized and engendered optimal results compared to its competitors in terms of content and speed.



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