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Our client is a business visionary and a construction, cleaning, maintenance contractor and seasoned consultant.


The Problem

The main objective and purpose of this application is to help people locate their lost items using existing social networks.


IntegrateX formulated a strategy and infrastructure in the app that allows users to find and locate their lost items with the following features: GPS Tracking: Users can view if anyone has posted any found item on the application nearby user’s. The GPS tracking function tracks the user’s current location and displays all the found items posted around by other users. Posting to Social Network: Users can post lost or found items on Facebook and/or Twitter to notify friends on Facebook or Twitter that items have been lost or found at a particular location. Twitter and Facebook were integrated seamlessly to work in tandem with the application.

Result Obtained

The most important aspect of the application is helping people find their lost items. Two technologies made this possible: GPS tracking and social network sharing through integration of social platforms.

ROI and Benefits

Client satisfaction, technical assistance and functional consultancy throughout the project were delivered with high caliber an attention to detail. This resulted in repeat business through IntegrateX.

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