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The client is an individual visionary who founded Harrah Engineering with his father after designing an innovative transmission that is used in all three Nascar series. He is currently working on and developing transportation logistics.

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The Problem

There are multiple geo-location based social networking applications on the market but very few are for a particular demographic who frequent bars, clubs and/or night clubs. Many apps do not provide a real-time status updates and location-based data for these entertainment venues. This application allows this group to keep track of their friends and keep all their friends updated with meaningful status updates and current location reports.


We brought the geo-location based social networking component to this app by implementing the following key features: Real-Time Status Updates: The client has a large database of the local bars called “Athens”. We developed a tracker that changes the status of the person to display the name of the bar he is in. This way his/her friends can easily locate him/her with one click. The user will also be able to locate his/her friends as well. GPS ON/OFF Settings: There is always a risk of battery drainage while continuously running the GPS in the background. We resolved this issue by enabling the user to turn on/off the GPS tracker. Slide to the "ON" position to turn the GPS on and "OFF" to stop the GPS from tracking. Change Status According time: The user can also pick the time user wants the status to switch from “going out” to “out.” When user’s end-time comes around, the status will switch from “out” or “current location” to status selected by user like “Goodnight”, “Got to wake up early” etc. Prior Notification for "Going Out": We developed such a functionality, so that the user can define the days the user will be "going out"using the week view provided for defining which days the user will be going out and which days the user would like to be "asked out".

Result Obtained

We prepared a status flow chart to simplify the complex system so that each and every stakeholder can easily understand that when the status will would change from “going out” to “out” or “bar location” or from “out” or “bar location” to the status selected by the user like “Goodnight”, “Got to wake up early” and so on.

ROI and Benefits

The Local Bars app helps increase revenue for the entertainment venues by encouraging friends of friends to frequent bars they may have otherwise never visited. Advertising is also a feature for the bars and other venues to promote special events or offers. Our client was able to secure contracts with the most popular bars and restaurants in downtown Athens which lead to the maximization of overall profitability.



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