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My Migraine – Novartis

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Novartis is a world leader in the research, and development, of products that help in the protection and improvement of health and well-being. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Novartis has its presence across 140 countries. The company is the manufacturer of Excedrin, a leader in headache & migraine pain relief.

My Migraine – Novartis

The Problem

A migraine is often caused due to specific triggers and lifestyle changes. The patient that suffers due to this ailment needs to track these changes and maintain a log. Awareness of triggers can be easily attained if the patient tracks the circumstances that led up to these migraines, and refers back to historical data to identify a pattern. Each time the patients visit a doctor, there are questions posed to them regarding what triggered the attacks. The log needs to be maintained in email/report form so that this data can be shared. Migraine patients can thus reduce the occurrence of the headaches if they keep track of their potential triggers and how they affect them.


We created a diary log with a series of questions for the patients to input throughout their daily routine. This questionnaire was divided into six steps with objective questions to track and maintain data. The responses can be taken down in the form of a log and can be viewed based on date, month, etc. The data gathered from various responses can be stored in a local database and used to create reports. These reports are then created in PDF form so they can be easily emailed or printed.

Result Obtained

The diary log enabled the users to view all data at a glance using color codes and categories. The Step-Wise questionnaire enabled the users to fill data in quickly, without having to answer too many lengthy questions. The users also have the option of adding their answer to any question easily, if they feel that the answers in the predefined result do not fit their response The data stored in the log could be easily filtered and customized to create bar graphs and pie charts. These charts could then be printed via cloud printing and emailed to doctors.

ROI and Benefits

The app enabled the client to market their drug Excedrin, as well as allowed patients to keep track of their attacks and prevent headaches through effective monitoring. It created a win-win situation for the client, as well as the patients. The client was also able to offer a promotional code to people buying Excedrin that allowed them access to the app.



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