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Ometi™ – A complete IT solutions provider


Ometi is based in Kuwait. The company boats years of extensive experience in providing web, mobile, cloud and consulting services. The company has been providing business products such as ERP and CRM to enterprises and other businesses.

Ometi™ – A complete IT solutions provider

The Problem

The IT market in the Middle East is growing rapidly and there are many countries where the requirement of IT Services is imposed. Kuwait lacks the human capital and resources to stay ahead of its market in the IT solutions sector. As the market is still in a growing phase, the quality of work and domain knowledge will only come with time. The currency of Kuwait is the Dirham and it is a very high value currency. Thus, the payment in the same currency will not be as cost effective as compared to payments in other currencies. For this reason, the manpower (cost of development) in Kuwait is not cost efficient in comparison with other nations.


On July 23rd, 2013, our CEO, Mr. Sandeep Mundra and the COO of Ometi Technology (A Masar Al Jazira Company Kuwait), Mr. Mohammed Matar signed the Strategic Partnership Contract at our headquarters in Ahmedabad, India. This partnership will empower businesses in gulf countries like Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Both Partners will jointly roll out a plethora of their IT products and services, which ranges from a basic web solution to a high-end cloud based application. The services are specifically formulated to serve enterprises and other businesses. Together, we will form a joint initiative in the Education & Learning Domain, which aims to bridge the gap between academic learning and industry requirements. With the help of this partnership, students form colleges and universities of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman will gain proficiency to a level they are immediately Inducted by Leading IT Companies. We have worked on different technologies for Ometi as mentioned below: Mobile Application development Android Development iOS Development Windows Development Blackberry Development Web Development' PHP Core development PHP Zend Development PHP CI (Code Igniter) Development .Net Development Java Development

Result Obtained

This partnership has empowered businesses in the gulf countries like Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia to the IT solutions and services industry and engage with potential partners in commerce in the same arena. Both partners have jointly rolled out a plethora of their IT Products and Services, which range from a basic web solution to a high-end cloud based application. The services are specifically formulated to serve enterprises and other businesses. These services include: Wide range of Web and Mobile application development Cloud based services and application on SAAS and PAAS Model Enterprise mobility solutions Mobile game development Data and web hosting, network building and support Business intelligence, workflow management, ERP, and CRM Content marketing, Internet marketing and mobile e publication Business technical consulting Industry specific educational programs for students

ROI and Benefits

This partnership is pioneering change and digital transformation initiatives in end-to-end IT solutions. In the future, Ometi and ourselves will be actively participating together in technology events across the globe, thus updating their technology skills to serve the customers better. Ometi is provides world class solutions to their clients, while we are involved in acquiring a challenging and continuous flow of projects. This partnership helped both partners nurture their knowledge-base across multiple technologies and verticals. Ometi is currently retaining their existing customer-base and constantly attracting newer prospects.

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