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Organizer To-Do: All-In-One

iOSProductivityiPadiPhone, LLC owns and operates a social networking portal that offers organizational tools for personal use. The company’s platform offers family grocery and to-do lists; family calendars; photo albums; and recipe books sharing services. Additionally, it provides mobile applications for BlackBerry Smart Phones and the iPhone., LLC was founded in 2008 and is based in Washington, District of Columbia.

Organizer To-Do: All-In-One

The Problem

Busy life puts everyone in the position where daily and weekly planning are essential to create enough time to spend with family and friends while still succeeding in business or family activity. Planning our own days and weeks carefully to include time for family, business and health concerns. This allows everyone to create a clear path for themselves that maintains a healthy balance of work and play. It Includes: Unlimited To-do List, Grocery Lists, Unlimited To-Do List, Chores, A 3-In-1 Calendar & A Budget , Calendar Sync, Family Sync And More!


The aim of building this app was to help Mom or any family member to plan out their daily routine or schedule smarter way.Also, Client wanted to share all the components for example - to share their schedules, To-do List, Grocery Lists, , Chores, A 3-In-1 Calendar &budget with family member. User experience The User Experience design team conducted various sessions with Main street team to understand their audience, their preferences and tested various design mockups before finalizing the current design which is LIVE. SYNC to iCloud Creating a seamless user experience and integration of iCloud to share calenders for all type of devices. Automatic Reference Count (ARC) for better memory management In order to avoid the memory crash issues associated with mobile devices, Automatic Reference Count (ARC) technique was used. It allows memory management a lot simpler by assigning memory management tasks to the compiler, and provides a significant performance increase as well.

Result Obtained

The app is doing very well and is a big hit amongst target audience. Oragnizer To Do has been ranked amongst the Top 10 iOS apps in the USA App Store since its launch. Higher Customer Satisfaction Faster delivery of new features and higher overall application quality increased. Simple and minimalistic design Considering the target audience which was Mummy,Daddy or any family member in certain cases, the design team made sure that the app’s experience stayed simple but still interesting. We were particularly selective in choosing colours, fonts, typography and using pastel effect.

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