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The Ministry of Health of Malaysia is a government organization led by the incumbent Minister of Health of the Malaysian government. Their vision is to provide quality, innovation, health promotion, and respect for human dignity, by promoting individual and community participation towards improving the quality of life.


The Problem

The business challenge presented, stated that the hospitals in Malaysia worked on a manual system, with patient records being stored in hard copy format. One of the major issues within the current system has been poor patient management and services which include making patients stand and wait for long periods of time for registration, appointments and other critera. These delays cause delays in treatment and create dissatisfaction among the patients for whom the hospitals provide service.


Our experts conducted a survey, analyzed the results, and based on the iPad was selected as the supporting device for the application. MHM partnered with us to design and develop a custom EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system for use within their hospitals meeting their need to streamline patient care and provide long-term savings in the health sector. MHM did not want to restrict themselves with a web-based solution, they wanted to use the power of mobility to make it easier and more user-friendly to collect data while interacting with patients. Using a web based application, a medical practitioner can access data at their desk with a wider screen as well as advanced modules of user management. The web-based application was also designed with the power to give the user accessibility, as well as authority, for prescribing drugs. The iPad mobile application was made to create and manage medical records and generate prescriptions for patients. Database normalization was performed, and Memcached was implemented on the server to increase the speed of the application. Accuracy in prescribing medicines was achieved. If two or more medicines are contradictory, and have the possibility of interacting with each other, the system raises an alert. Accessibility: The medical practitioners can record the data seamlessly within the network any time. As soon as the network is available, the system will sync with the server. Security data features were implemented to adhere with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance. Encryption of data: Local database of iPad would wipe out as soon as the user logs out of the application. Security tokens are given to users to access the application. Interface tables are used to back-up the data modified through the application for the patients providing the ability to audit and keep track of all records

Result Obtained

We designed and customized a user-friendly mobile and web-based interface. The mobile interface proved to be extremely easy to use, allowing medical practitioners the ability to quickly enter data while roaming within the hospital. Security: The other major concern was security of the patient data. We proposed a system to implement HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance to ensure the same level of protection as all standard medical record keeping practices. Prescription Management with dosage and interaction was made possible using third party services, and MIMS was successfully integrated.

ROI and Benefits

We improved the quality and convenience for MHM to attain quick access to patient records. We enhanced the decision support system, clinical alerts, reminders, and medical information availability. Performance-improving tools and real-time quality reporting was successfully done. Satisfaction among patients and credibility of the government was increased through the implementation of this system which provides quality services for patients. Less time is required during every visit to hospital patients since the past history and all other personal data can be made quickly available. In the long term, MHM started saving on the cost of storage and other resources associated with the upkeep of extensive written medical records.



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