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Mayur Enterprises, LLC is an investment and management company that consists of divisions that span the breadth of the following industries: retail, restaurants, and corporate promotions. Mayur Patel owns the following companies.

Head and Thread: Specializes in authentic licensed headwear (NFL, MLB, NCAA) as well as custom designed hats. He works with vendors such as Reebok, Adidas, Nike and Swarovski.


The Problem

The objective of this project is to develop a multiplatform application ( for iOS and Android) including a a photo-sharing website which allows the user to browse and share their photos with family and friends. Business users can organize events through the application and broadcast photos to other distribution channels.


We formulated the concept of implementing the following key features: Event management with a Payment Gateway: Implementing the business user section of the application wherein the users will be able to create events (along with Payment Gateway) and invite users. Secure Code Generator: There will be secure code generator, which will be used to access an event. It is expected to see some impact at the database level and the overall application flow. GPS Tracking: The user can view all the events based on location, and we used a GPS tracking service to track the user's location and show the information accordingly. Geo-fencing: In this application, the user can send any picture to all the users that are within the defined radius of the user's current location. For that, we have used the geo-fencing feature, where we take the user's current location, latitude, and longitude to create a certain meter boundary around the user and also check the other user's latitude and longitude. Those who are within the radius can be found, and the user can share photos with them. Social Media Sharing of Albums and Individual Photos: The user can share their photo albums, as well as individual photos to the social media networks. For this purpose, we have integrated the social media sharing functionality.

Result Obtained

The application's key aspect is how effectively we have implemented the location-based technologies and social media integration to enrich the application in its entirety. We have used geo-fencing and GPS Tracking are bothused in such a manner that the user can get access to data pertaining to location-based events. Moreover, the social media sharing feature provides an opportunity for the user to share their photos and albums on their favorite social media networking platform.

ROI and Benefits

Event management is a diverse industry and it has grown enormously in the last two decades. According to recent research conducted by Joe Goldblatt, Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP), annual spending for special events worldwide is estimated at $500 billion. So by inviting event planners to market their events through the application, we help event planners to reach out mass audiences, helping the client expand revenue potential as per the business's revenue model parameters.



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