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ProMIS Process Control and Management IT Systems Ltd. was founded, as a result, of a merger between Vamego Industrial Products and Prokom Process Control and Computer Technology Ltd. Having specialized in industrial automation and software, ProMIS began working in the power plant development field in 1999.


The Problem

The company was originally started in 1994, as a process control and management consulting firm; in 2007, they expanded their business with the development of an ERP system, called ProMIS BMP (Business Management Platform). Over the years, the company had grown the functionality and user-base of its flagship ERP solution. There are many users who sign in for ERP solutions, each day from various locations across Turkey. Most of the users are involved in field work, so their access into the ERP system is based on the availability of a computer. This lack of communication was creating a deficiency of information, and also made it hard to monitor workers while they were out in the the field. Relationships with current, and future customers, was affected due to lack of the communication. Due to these problems, the client was looking for a solution that would help their workers remotely, when they were not able to access a standard computer.


We created a lite app, which extends the usage of the existing ERP system. This app supports modules like CRM, office management, time management, and other critical features. The application communicates directly with the ERP system when connected to the internet. The app has the following features: The iOS application can create and manage tasks, expenses, and customer records. The application allows the user to broadcast announcements. Server setting can be altered within the setting features, allow the user to effortlessly updated connectivity data in case of server changes. Encryption of all data, and the local database of the iOS device, wipes out all data as soon as the user logs out from the application. Security tokens are given to each user in order to access the application. Interface tables are used to back up the data modified by the application. Audit and trail of all records.

Result Obtained

After conducting the survey, iOS was selected as the supporting device for the application. We designed a similar interface with user experience on the existing ERP, which makes it easy to use, especially for mobile devices where field workers can quickly enter the data while roaming. The application resolves the problem that workers in the field were experiencing, eliminating the need to be connected to an internet enabled computer. The employees can submit their work through the application, and at the same time the management can monitor them. The integration of information allows the relationship manager to provide the latest information to customers, enhancing customer satisfaction. Satisfaction among employees, and credibility of the company increased with quality services provided to customers.

ROI and Benefits

Maximum utilization of employees’ time due to the dependency of updating data on the web-based ERP, the task and timesheet status were not being correctly updated at times. With this iOS app, data would be updated over the field, giving the ERP the latest data. Managers can utilize the employees time as effectively as possible, with the ability to monitor tasks and time management of employees. After implementation, employee utilization rate increased by 35 %. Statistical Data/MIS resulted in quick, accurate and ready to use data is available to improve the task assignment and customer service offered by employees in the field. In the long term, the company will save on overall expenditures due to increased productivity and increased customer satisfaction through prompt and efficient services.



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