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reCompare is a start-up company that approached with the vision to serve users and potential buyers of used goods with the potential to sell and purchase products with up-to-date comparisons from like eBay and Amazon.


The Problem

The website/application is intended to allow the user full control including uploading the products to sell, robust search for products available for purchase and products available to re-sell again. The search results are to be fetched and combined from eBay, Amazon and other such eCommerce portals in Germany. The user has the option of searching for over 2 million products within the portal expanding their individual reach and access to products. The site and accompanying applications are to be launched in both English and German with German as the primary language.


We developed a versatile web portal, along with Android & iOS applications for ease of access to its users. Additionally, we also developed an admin panel, giving the client access to all pertinent sales data and providing flexibility to the client in terms of management and operation protocol. The end product is available in both English and German.

Result Obtained

The application enables the user to upload the products to sell, and let them search for products they want to purchase and re-sell again. The search results are fetched from eBay, Amazon and other e-commerce portals in Germany. The user can even search more than 2 million products from the portal, upload the products they want to sell, contact other sellers, and report the products on sale.

ROI and Benefits

The site is an innovative platform that improves the value of the re-commerce experience in the German market. As the user base of the product increases, the client partner with other successful e-commerce giants in Germany. In addition, the administration panel allows the client to upload advertisements that help boost sales and increase revenue.



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