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ReMarkable Application

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The client currently works as a Senior Project Manager at SMITH, Ottawa, Canada. He is one of a group of passionate developers and marketers who dedicated to cutting edge technology.

ReMarkable Application

The Problem

The client noticed a large demand and use of paper and printer ink usage specifically for classroom assignments. Conventionally, students have to prepare an assignment followed by submission to a teacher or prfoessor which may lead to additional unnecessary use of resources. The client demanded drastic change in the classroom environment with the goal of resource conservation. This idea inspired him to create the application (ReMarkable). The app assigns teachers with a unique email address, and upon signing up, it is used by the students to submit their work directly to the educator. The app directs all the assignments to ReMarkable and allows teachers/professors to mark assignments submitted through the app eliminating the use of paper, printer ink and markers/pens.


As a strategic partner and advisor to the client, we understood the exact requirements and scope of the application design and development. We suggested a solution based on best practices and process. Nowadays, the use of the iPad has become very common in the field of education. We proposed the iPad application ReMarkable, which helped minimize the use of paper and printer ink leading to cut costs and increased efficiency. In the app, teachers are given a unique email address, and upon signing up, it is used by the students to submit all work directly to the teacher's email. We enriched an application with following functionalities: Facilitated the application to keep track of late or missed assignment Allow the submission of all popular file types like .doc, .xls, .jpg, .txt,.png, .ppt, .csc and .pdf The students can email the files directly into the ReMarkable app We introduced customized folder system to give the users full control to organize all the submitted files. The user can Move, Copy and Upload all the files to various folders or to the choice of cloud storage including Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive We provided tools to mark all the submitted files within the ReMarkable app We provided a very intuitive and well-designed annotation functionality, with the teachers requirements in mind and what they look for when marking student documents

Result Obtained

The resultant application was marked as a revolutionary way for students to submit documents to teachers and professors digitally. It created a way to eradicate the use of paper and printer ink when submitting assignments for teachers to mark. ReMarkable gives teachers/professors the convenience of accepting and marking papers, anytime from anywhere with this app. No longer do teachers have to carry bags full of assignment and papers to mark, all he need is iPad and a comfy chair. It creates great satisfaction among the students, teachers and professors, increasing the credibility of company with this revolutionary app.

ROI and Benefits

The application was received with an overwhelmingly favorable response. As a result, the app received users such as students, teachers, professors and other educators. The user can elect to sign up for a subscription based service when the data limit is exceeded. The application also enables our client to use this data to increase the sales from other platforms. Through statistical data/MIS, we facilitated quick, accurate and ready to use data is available to improve the platform as needed.



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