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SaaS & VIR Android Application

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Maritech Solutions is a partnership of industry veterans with over fifty years of maritime and logistical experience. The company was formed with the purpose of utilizing technological advances to increase efficiency and profitability for clients. They are dedicated to the development of applications to streamline and enhance daily processes in the intermodal and logistics industries.

SaaS & VIR Android Application

The Problem VIR & MCS provides solutions to companies in shipping industries, performing equipment estimation and inventories. We developed an Android Application for tablets called VIR (Virtual Interchange Report) which worked directly with cloud based Java Enterprise solution called MCS (Maritech Cloud Server). Integrated industries in the business of repair estimations for the shipping equipment can utilize VIR & MCS for their enterprises. There are many yard owners who interact with the various estimators who provide repair estimates for different shipping equipment in more than one location. The process of providing estimates needed to be streamlined to bring better efficiency, productivity and accuracy leading to better customer service. The company was using Windows handheld devices and computer operating systems to generate repair estimates for different types of shipping equipment. The hardware procurement and software licensing costs of companies were increasing. As we thoroughly investigated and researched further, we found various technical glitches which hindered the process. The existing workflow process was slow, error prone, and used outdated technology that did not align with the objectives of accelerated speed, efficiency and heightened usability. The process demanded highly skilled and experienced gatekeepers, estimators and surveyors for the estimation and verification process which included parallel requirements that needed to be managed by transferring data manually into the desktop software.


To develop an appropriate and compatible solution, we scrutinized this project, dissecting every minute detail to analyze the business requirements pertaining to the logistics domain. For the initial 3 months, consultants along with a review team worked on server architecture and formulated clear-cut processes compatible with the requirements. They then built a robust and scalable solution that would be faster, more accurate and more accessible in comparison to their existing legacy system. Teams studied how to transform the old system into the latest one without compromising its usability that the current staff had been so accustomed to using in the past.

Result Obtained

VIR provides a 3D/360 Interactive User Interface of Chassis and Containers for accurate estimation. VIR provides a way wherein estimators can generate estimates for various shipping equipment without the need for technical codes and terminologies. The goal of complete automation at the yards is achieved by providing surveyor logins to the gatekeeper and estimators. VIR directly interfaces with MCS and provides comprehensive data automation with speed and accuracy. The real-time estimation data will be available on the cloud which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The user will be able to select the equipment along with its sub-sections like type, part, and other criteria making it possible to fill in information related to damage and other assessment data. The captured information will then search respective logs in the cloud for pulling different rates for a different combination of repair inputs and present the final repair estimate of the equipment to the equipment owner. MCS will host all the possible combinations of damage, repair, and component codes relevant to various shipping equipment such as chassis, containers, and tri-axles.

ROI and Benefits

The solution resulted in a more advanced space and elevated the caliber of logistics management which brought 99% more efficiency and accuracy to the enterprise operations overall. VIR and MCS provided the client the most compatible, tailor-made solution which resulted in optimum return from the investments made while onboarding talent and other resources. The following are the benefits of the VIR and MCS models: Operates in animated and non-animated mode Functional in normal and sequential mode Reports, prints and scan driver license barcode number and chassis/containers number plate using OCR driver and surveyor digital signature Offline estimation of equipment with connected mode gate-keeper, estimator and surveyor logins Multiple configurable user profiles and accounts in android tablet Estimate data with server deep zoom using exploded view of complex components Binds repair code and damage code with each component Lists in-gated and outdated equipment in a yard Report generation of estimated data Features of MCS hosted on cloud with scalable server architecture Super-admin authenticates all the roles including gatekeeper, estimator, surveyor, and other roles Job allocation to gatekeeper, estimator and surveyor Provides complete workflow management across different processes Cost efficient and resource conservation in managing complex data integrations Report generation & export functionality for daily activity, yard inventory, yard status and other criteria



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