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Situational Bible Verses

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Elope Innovations is a new startup aiming to develop/provide religious apps to public. Client has vision to create framework which could be customized for various religious apps for iOS and Android market.

Situational Bible Verses

The Problem

Client is new startup with aim to develop/provide religious apps to public. They started initially with Bible and have plan to deliver similar applications for other religious books like Bhagavad Gita, Quran etc. They wanted to develop current app as framework that can easily configured for other apps with minimum efforts. Client is startup company with minimum budget and still wants to develop it like a framework and both iOS/Android platform which was the biggest challenge. Important features were backend facility to define categories and add multiple books of Bible and its verses. Push notification was required feature to push daily verse to all registered users.


IndiaNIC took this as a challenge and developed a framework which could be easily customized for future apps. Client can make clone of this app for other religious books. IndiaNIC proposed a cross-platform technology called TITANIUM to develop iOS and Android apps. Backend was built using PHP where admin can define books, categories and verses. IndianNIC created unique branding for the application. We went out of scope and provided dynamic background images for verse display.

Result Obtained

As a result working with IndiaNIC; client received comprehensive mobile solution. It allows people to search/browse the bible verses depending on category, situation or bible books. It provides spiritual feeling to users using the app with unique branding and nice background images used within the app. Mobile solution was developed as framework that could be easily cloned for other religious books and would save lot of development cost.

ROI and Benefits

Client decided to make the app as paid application and selling it at cost of $0.99. Client intents to sale this app to thousands of users to generate revenue.



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