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Scott and Stacey Ferreira, 20 and 18, are entrepreneurs who founded their startup, MySocialCloud, an online service aimed at storing passwords, websites, and bookmarks securely.

What’s most unique about their startup experience is how these young entrepreneurs were able to secure just under $1 million from well-known capitalists Sir Richard Branson, Jerry Murdock and Alex Welsh –all thanks to strategic use of Twitter. These impressive connections then assisted the brother-sister duo by kickstarting their idea into the growing social media platform it is today.

They love to thinking about the way technology can change the way people live. Their passion is centered on doing not just conceptualizing. They strive to build something that is a true catalyst to happiness. So while other kids immersed themselves in their passion (music, sports, and academics) they were fueling their passion as well.

Social Cloud

The Problem

MySocialCloud began when Scott's hard drive crashed unexpectedly. Apple told him that they were not able to recover any of his information. Scott lost some of his most important data including bookmarks for research projects, school assignments, usernames and passwords and other files. Unfortunately, he never backed up any of his data. This catastrophic incident paved the way for a solution that could be remedied by storing and backing up files in the cloud.


Scott and Stacey Ferreira were young entrepreneurs with a great idea of placing all online account detaisl under in a secure digital vault and allowing users to log on with a single set of secure credentials. We helped them bring their idea to fruition by recommending a cloud-based solution. Its implementation was executed with the following strategy: Create a cloud based platform, where users securely store passwords. On using of platform, user automatically logs into social media websites with auto populating password fields. Provide single button to log into all of the sites. Add security updates for the websites they have included in their profile Introduce built-in information system for users if a website has been hacked Security played a major role during development of the platform. Passwords were salted and hashed with a two-way encryption method known as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). This method is complex and makes it nearly impossible to be hacked or decrypted. Use a secret key to decrypt user data, which is actually a 256-bit salted version of the password. Construct a system without storing or accessing real passwords using Host-Proof Hosting. Send all of the encrypted data to user browser using AJAX over an SSL connection. Built client-side decryption to unlock user data using secret key. This type of security ensures that no one at MySocialCloud could ever access user data and neither could anyone else in the event of a security breach. Employ a double authentication, if system detects when someone tries to login to the account from a new device followed by a user notification to verify identity prior to login. Give user access by accepting the designated code that is securely sent to the user's email.

Result Obtained

The end product was a one-step solution where users can store their credentials to access social network sites or bookmark useful pages without ever having to worry about crashes or future loss of important data. This platform also allows the sharing of all the websites bookmarked or saved by allowing secure and simultaneous login to all social media websites with one login. This eliminates the need to remember or record any usernames or passwords.

ROI and Benefits

Popularity of this platform has risen and was recently acquired by, the market and technology leader in online reputation management and digital privacy. This acquisition marks another strategic milestone in privacy for and its customers. MySocialCloud is a highly valued platform, brings with it a talented creative team, new capabilities and an extensive customer-base to its portfolio.Through this cloud-based platform users effortlessly and securely manage all logins and passwords from a single place. MySocialCloud is a natural fit with one of’s most important projects: the consumer data vault, which helps empower users and ensure that they manage, control and ultimately benefit from sharing their personal data with companies.

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