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TeleSign solutions provide an easy-to-implement method and a powerful scheme for identifying and substantially reducing online fraud and spam incidents. The company protects 2.5 billion downstream accounts in more than 200 countries and territories. It offers localization services in 87 languages and dialects with a broad global reach.


The Problem

The client required a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) system that uses the phone as an authentication device. The idea was to add a critical layer of security beyond the default username and password. The biggest challenge was to define the flow of the process and identify business parameters. It was imperative to pinpoint requirements considering the prerequisites and business objectives involved in the telecommunications domain.


We implemented a 2FA system that used the phone as the authentication device, providing a high level of security. After analyzing the business requirements involved with telecom, our consultants and analysis team worked on server architecture and formulated clear-cut processes required to fulfill requirements.

Result Obtained

Significant time and resources were conserved due to successful consulting and analysis. Development was swift with stage-based a quality assurance. Existing systems were strengthened with new features that lead better service provided to more than 2.5 billion users.

ROI and Benefits

The customer base was expanded significantly with an additional 20% user base. The new features even covered the mobile landscape, the latest technology, and thwarted threats of profile hacking and payment fraud.



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