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IndiaNIC – Business Consultants from India provide IT Consulting Services, Small Business Consulting, Offshore Consultancy Services and Information Technology Consulting   Outsourcing. After making a mark in offshore web development and offshore software outsourcing in India, IndiaNIC has proved its prowess further by providing IT Consultancy Services. It is not just consultancy service that we provide, but a complete business solution that will help your business take off like a rocket. If you have existing business, we will provide you the best possible option to make it more profitable.
Some business areas where IndiaNIC can be consulted:

Data Warehousing
All businesses need to process and evaluate raw business data, so that they can serve their clients better, know current market trends and most importantly increase their profits. IndiaNIC helps you assess the data and make the changes accordingly using minimum resources to maximize your profit.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
For Any business, clients are the key factor behind the success. Retaining a client is quite a difficult task in this competitive business world; so the better you serve them better the chances of them coming back to you. Our Business Consultants are ready to help you decide which CRM system best suites your business, after careful analysis and examination of your business process. IndiaNIC, helps you develop and implement CRM which will help you satisfy your client needs and make them come to you again and again.

Ecommerce Solution
The increasing use of internet and world wide adoption of e-business has encouraged business, entrepreneurs to start their business online. This makes it possible to sell your products and services online. Our expert developers can develop the whole ecommerce solution with product catalogue, product listings, integrated shopping cart and online payment system. This makes your presence stronger and is highly recommended by our experts.

Knowledge Management
Knowledge management helps improve the organization performance by using organizational internal information to gain viable advantage and increase profits. Knowledge management uses the information which is already there and increases the productivity of employees to cope up with the changing environment. IndiaNIC helps you take care of all your knowledge management needs and gain the competitive advantage over your competitors.

Benefits of hiring an IT Consultant:

  • Special expertise
  • Use them according to your requirements
  • Save on tax, as they are not part of your organization
  • Save on other employee benefits
  • Flexible relationship
  • Easier contract termination

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Client Says?Client Says?
I had wonderful time with IndiaNIC. I liked their attention to every detail. Good communication skill, troubleshooting issue straightaway and quality service at low price is what make them great.
- James Currie
(United States)