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Silverlight Application Development

Silverlight Application Development


Microsoft Silverlight is a web application framework that provides functionalities similar to those in Adobe Flash, integrating multimedia, graphics, animations and interactivity into a single runtime environment. It was initially released as a video streaming plugin, but later versions brought additional interactive features, support for CLI languages, and development tools. Silverlight Development is required, to get Hi-Definition video quality and website embedded with high graphical abilities.

IndiaNIC has rich experience in Silverlight, .NET programming and creation of Silverlight Development Solutions. IndiaNIC provides a wide range of services in Silverlight, with the support of our deep web application development expertise and multiple years of ASP.NET and other .NET Application development experience. Silverlight Application Development is preferred due to its high flexibility and ultimate quality.

Our Microsoft Silverlight Application Development services include

  • Application development in ASP.NET Silverlight
  • Out of Browser Silverlight Application Development
  • Maintenance & enhancement of existing applications
  • Plug-ins Development, Customization and Implementation
  • Rich internet application development using Silverlight
  • Silverlight and XML
  • XAML Development.

Major benefits of Microsoft Silverlight Development

  • Highest Quality Video Experience
    Be ready to see some of the best quality videos you have seen in your life, all embedded in highly graphical websites. Through Silverlight Application Development, you can experience marvelous and high-quality videos and you will feel the difference itself.
  • Cross-Platform, Cross-Browser
    Silverlight application development provides you the platform to build web applications that work on any browser and on any operating system.
  • Silverlight Application Developers and Graphic Designers can play together
    Developers will finally be able to strictly focus on the back end of the application core while leaving the visuals to the Graphic Design team using the power of XAML.
  • Built to allow Mashup
    Silverlight will finally have the features enabling content providers to have complete control over their rich media content. Streaming television, new broadcast stations, all will now be possible.
  • Silverlight Application platform provides Support for 3rd Party Languages
    Using the power of the new Dynamic Language Runtime, developers will now be able to use Ruby, Python, and EcmaScript! This means a Ruby developer can develop Silverlight applications, and leverage the .net Framework!
  • Silverlight Development is cheapest
    Silverlight Application Development is now the most inexpensive way to stream video files over the Internet at the best quality possible. Licensing is dead simple; all you need is IIS in Windows Server.
  • Cross-Platform, Cross-Browser Remote Debugging
    If you are in a need to debug an application running on a Mac, no problem! You can now set breakpoints, step into/over code, have immediate windows, and all that other good stuff that Visual Studio provides.
  • Extreme Speed :
    There is a dramatic improvement in the speed of AJAX-enabled websites that began to use Silverlight, leveraging the Microsoft .net framework.

If you need to outsource Silverlight Application development or want to hire a dedicated Silverlight developer or programmer or need any consultation, please do contact us.

What our client says?

Client Says?Client Says?
Best thing about IndiaNIC is they listen the ideas, work on them and come with better ones! Quick collaboration, online project management and developers are really good.
- Kevin Giffhorn
(United States)

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