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Get an addicting Android game with interesting gameplay and soothing music from IndiaNIC, a renowned Android games development company.

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Android Game Development Services

Developing highly engaging Android games is our forte. We offer quality Android game development services through our state-of-the-art gaming studio and a pool of passionate game developers. 

The trust of thousands of clients worldwide makes IndiaNIC one of the most sought after Android games development company. 

Benefits for you business

  • Build once, run everywhere

    We build games from a single source that can seamlessly run on every device.

  • Reduction in time and cost

    Significantly reduces time and cost of game development with the help of cutting-edge gaming tools.

  • Advanced tools

    Delivers advanced tools for aural ambience and lifelike gaming experience in every game.

  • Graphic integration

    Facilitates integration of exciting graphics and interesting features for making games more interactive for the gamers.

Making highly addictive and engaging games is our habit!

In-house teams that are master in 2D, 3D, and graphic animation. Your one-stop gaming solution is here.

How and why partnering with IndiaNIC gets you an extra edge?


350+ professional programmers with an average 5+ years experience can get you the best product that is not only scalable, but also result-oriented.


Gaming studio with genuine software and licensed tools provide the best output. We make our own sound tracks.


30+ dedicated game developers and designers with an average of 3 years of experience. You can select the choicest programmers through a special model.


Departments are interconnected. From a simple UI to 3D walkthrough, your project won’t lack in resources.

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  • Go Karts

    Are you up for the thrill of racing? If you think you have what it takes to become a world famous kart racer, get Go-Karts today and start proving it! Explore the customized tracks and enjoy the realistic graphics as you race towards the championship. Different race types for dynamic racing.

  • Line Trap

    Make sure to grab those light bulbs to keep you charged up. All in all it will be an electrifying experience to recharge yourself

  • Snoopy Whoopy

    Luck played a game with him and he found himself in a strange trouble. Did you know that Snoopy has always enjoyed a good relationship with trouble? Snoopy peeps into the volcano and bends a little too much. His curiosity turns into an exciting adventure. With a courageous heart and a creative mind he is on his way up to escape from the perilous volcano. Help him in his quest to reach the top and be a free bird again.

  • Zombie Aftermath

    Zombie Aftermath is a challenging, fun and gut-wrenching game. You play as Gyden, a soldier in the military who is trying to find his way back to his brother Drayden and General Collins. His life is changed forever when he realizes he’s alone and surrounded by zombies. Zombie Aftermath takes you on an action packed, edge of your seat ride as you battle zombies and find your way to the answers to your questions.

How it Works

Offshore Development Center (ODC) is just an extension of your workforce and office abroad with a view to meet specific business requirements.

  • Define your Needs

    Define Your Needs

  • Discuss With us

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  • Pay and Get Started

    Pay and Get Started

    Top characteristics of IndiaNIC ODC:

  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Flexibility of changing technology
  • Strong selection process
  • Free project assistance along with your team
  • Scale up or down your team anytime
  • Option of interviewing candidates
  • Minimal commitment
  • Zero set-up fee
  • No additional infrastructure fee
  • IndiaNIC has been great in developing, deploying, and support for my website and a customized mobile application. I had my own team of experts; I was able to track my project any time I wanted! Overall, I highly recommend IndiaNIC as an IT solution provider.

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We collaborate with startups, small businesses and
enterprises - to build comprehensive, thoughtful,
and purpose-driven solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your project development methodology?

    Every project is unique and requires a fresh approach, but most projects pass through the some of the most common project development steps – i.e. Requirement gathering, analysis, solution consulting, wireframe / prototyping, UI design, development and testing. However, depending on the scope and type of the project, the sequence and selection of steps may vary.

  • Can you use the graphics / UI which I have created?

    Yes, we can. You can hire us for just writing codes for programming.

  • Does your company guarantee that Apple won’t reject the app?

    Most of the apps we develop don’t get rejected. There are no special criteria for this but just making a neat and clean app works. Our apps are foolproof and bug-free as they pass from various robust testing. Though we don’t guarantee of approval on iTunes as it may be rejected other than technical fault.

  • Do you get my app listed under “New and Noteworthy”?

    Well, who doesn’t want to be there in that spot? 🙂 Saying that, it totally depends on how cool is your app idea, as well as the app as one solid product. Apparently, it is all up to Apple and Google staff when it comes to selecting an app to feature there. But having a great concept put together well increases your changes. So, it is not just us, however our role could be significant in having you take your app to that place.