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Enjoy a customized fleet management system that helps you manage your transport and logistics services. Receive order, track vehicles, and stay up-to-date with the status of your assets with our robust transport and logistics mobile app.

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Mobile apps for Transportation and Logistics

We integrate advancements of mobile technology along with the core aspects of the transportation industry in our customized logistics service app solutions. Our holistic approach enables you to simplify transport and logistics business processes. 

At IndiaNIC, we strive for developing bespoke transport and logistics mobile app that nurtures your business while facilitating you to simplify the process. It's time to include enterprise mobility to address ever-changing transportation requirements and manage all the operations with ease.

Benefits for you business

  • Automatization

    Reduced paperwork with improved connectivity

  • Tracking is easier

    Enhanced tracking and managing capability for increasing productivity

  • Easy management

    Freedom from congestion at terminals

  • Improved communication

    Improved communication followed by decrease in attrition rate of drivers

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IndiaNIC is the largest iPhone development company with a strong workforce of 450 employees and 18+ years in operations.

How and why partnering with IndiaNIC gets you an extra edge?

Flexible Models

We have flexible engagement models so you can hire developers as per your budget and requirement. Our consultants can help you select the right model


350+ professional programmers with an average 5+ years experience can get you the best product that is not only scalable, but also result-oriented.


Global presence in five countries make it easy for you to partner with us for long time


Experts from diversified culture and technologies are the strength of the organization to deliver projects on any platform

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  • Dyrct

    DYRCT is a mobile, web and cloud-supported platform, supporting a community of user-managed Connected Identities & Points Of Interest which are easily created, saved and shared – opening the way for unlimited social and business applications. From the simplicity and ease-of-use of ‘one-touch’ navigation interface to the versatility of our Folders, Groups and Logbooks, DYRCT will simplify your life. Go Dyrct and let your destination find you.

  • MBloads

    MB Loads is another step taken by MB Grain to help trucking contractors sustain their business and make it more profitable. Using MB Loads App, truckers will be able to browse all available load requests, accept the job, update job status and keep providing constant updates of their whereabouts. The app has turned out to be a ‘boon’ for all truck drivers who have been always on-the-road and unable to update their customers about job status in real-time.

  • MY SOS

    The official SOS Telecare panic alarm app to help and improve the Health and Safety of Lone Workers, Travellers, Holiday makers, Students, Women, Children/Kids and the Vulnerable Elderly and their Carers. This is more than just a SOS Panic Alarm, My SOS Family App complements an amazing, cloud based secure system which is user friendly and easy to manage.

  • BYGG

    ByggProjekt app is aimed at people working in projects within the building construction sector and are used to get an overview and control of their projects. Generally, the construction sites cover up large area and it would never be an easy for a construction manager to visit each & every place of the site just to get status updates of all activities, and that’s where ByggProjekt app gets in. The app helps users to access key information of all of their on-going projects just on their fingertips without being physically present at the sites. It mainly caters to clients, construction managers and contractors.

How it Works?

Offshore Development Center (ODC) is just and extension of the workforce and
office abroad with a meet speci

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  • Minimal Commitment
  • Zero set up fee
  • No additional infrastructure fee
  • IndiaNIC has been great in developing, deploying, and support for my website and a customized mobile application. I had my own team of experts; I was able to track my project any time I wanted! Overall, I highly recommend IndiaNIC as an IT solution provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you re-use code?

    It is a tricky question to be honest. We do not re-use your proprietary algorithms, license keys, trade secretes, trademarks, patented processes any where else. However, considering the authoring process of producing the code, we do use lot of open source libraries and our own libraries to save development time and avoid re-inventing the wheel all over again. This ensures you do not have to pay for something that can be produced quicker and with more quality.

  • Can you send over the resources onsite for initial startup?

    Yes, if the project requires it and where our representatives are present, we will be happy send over the resource onsite for initial startup. Nevertheless, in case where our office is not present in your city/country and if the project is big, we may visit your place from our corporate office.

  • Do you work according to client’s time zone?

    All of our development team works out of our headquarter – Ahmedabad, India. However, depending on the nature of the work, specific situation and in case of special meetings, we can certainly stay awake to ensure we connect during your working hours. However, we’d prefer having this be scheduled prior to the event so that we can plan our rest of the schedules accordingly.

  • How do we communicate the project development team?

    We use Basecamp for project communications. We sign you up in there and loop you in with the rest of IndiaNIC team who’s going to work on your project. Apart from basecamp – we of course use Email and Skype. You’ll generally discuss with a Project Manager and Tech Lead – but we’re not having constraints in case you want to speak to any member of the team who’s working on your project.