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IndiaNIC facilitates your retail business to leverage all the benefits of Shopify platform with all user-friendly features and flawless functionality. Hire Shopify developers at competitive rates and establish your online business.

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Shopify eCommerce Development Services

We support our clients at every stage of developing an eCommerce store with our Shopify eCommerce development services. As a certified Shopify partner, we also assist them in migrating an existing online store to a Shopify store. 

You can hire Shopify developers from IndiaNIC for working exclusively on your online store. Our holistic approach will make you well informed about the latest online marketing trends and Shopify tools. 

Benefits for you business

  • Security

    A highly secure platform for web hosting and integrated features

  • Futuristic store

    A plethora of marketing tools for future requirements of store

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 availability of quality support and maintenance system for online store

  • Futuristic

    Future-ready eCommerce store with readily accessible source codes

We are the masters in eCommerce

Certified Magento, Shopify, and Yahoo! Partner to deliver top-notch solutions. From a single page to a complex eComm, we are game!

How and why partnering with IndiaNIC gets you an extra edge?


The latest devices of all kinds for testing software and assure you quality.


Experts from diversified culture and technologies are the strength of the organization to deliver projects on any platform

Impressive Stats

More than 8000 projects for over 2000 clients served internationally. Now that makes us the most sought after IT firm.


Experts in software development, deployment, and marketing are at one place, so you don’t need to contact others.

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Our Work

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questions, problems or information.

  • Mumu

    Mumu is a personal assistant to meet your everyday needs of online supermarket. At Mumu, customer can select nearby stores available, and order things as per their needs. The customer can also get alternative products in case the desired item is not available in the store. A Muver goes to the store and buys the ordered items and delivers on given location at specified delivery time.

  • Doocan

    Doocan is the place to discover, compare and share from a catalog of amazing goods from a myriad of merchants displaying their wares. Part store, magazine and wishlist, Doocan is the best place to see great products. Use Doocan to find a gift for any occasion and share your favourite discoveries with all your friends.

  • Bong Vodka

    IndiaNIC created a custom design website with high expectations from client regarding design elements on the website. With so many iterations and high expectations from client, IndiaNIC managed to deliver the website on time and with stunning looking graphics.

  • The Flower Company

    As an existing IndiaNIC client our in-house team was already acquainted with the back-end and search engine optimization strategies already set up for this project allowing us to quickly deliver the assistance needed for the re-launch. Our PM served as one point of contact between both inhouse and client side team, allowing both the teams to complete allocated tasks.

How it Works

Offshore Development Center (ODC) is just an extension of your workforce and office abroad with a view to meet specific business requirements.

  • Define your Needs

    Define Your Needs

  • Discuss With us

    Discuss with Us

  • Setup Team

    Setup Your Team

  • Pay and Get Started

    Pay and Get Started

    Top characteristics of IndiaNIC ODC:

  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Flexibility of changing technology
  • Strong selection process
  • Free project assistance along with your team
  • Scale up or down your team anytime
  • Option of interviewing candidates
  • Minimal commitment
  • Zero set-up fee
  • No additional infrastructure fee
  • IndiaNIC has been great in developing, deploying, and support for my website and a customized mobile application. I had my own team of experts; I was able to track my project any time I wanted! Overall, I highly recommend IndiaNIC as an IT solution provider.

Brands that trust us

We collaborate with startups, small businesses and
enterprises - to build comprehensive, thoughtful,
and purpose-driven solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your project development methodology?

    Every project is unique and requires a fresh approach, but most projects pass through the some of the most common project development steps – i.e. Requirement gathering, analysis, solution consulting, wireframe / prototyping, UI design, development and testing. However, depending on the scope and type of the project, the sequence and selection of steps may vary.

  • Do you work according to client’s time zone?

    All of our development team works out of our headquarter – Ahmedabad, India. However, depending on the nature of the work, specific situation and in case of special meetings, we can certainly stay awake to ensure we connect during your working hours. However, we’d prefer having this be scheduled prior to the event so that we can plan our rest of the schedules accordingly.

  • What is the Quality Control Methodology which you have in place?

    We follow robust process to ensure the best quality. For software testing, we use black box method. We have dedicated division for QA and QC that ensures every project is scanned through them. Covering all the different kinds of testing, they give a final ‘OK’ before the final handover and deployment.

  • How do we communicate the project development team?

    We use Basecamp for project communications. We sign you up in there and loop you in with the rest of IndiaNIC team who’s going to work on your project. Apart from basecamp – we of course use Email and Skype. You’ll generally discuss with a Project Manager and Tech Lead – but we’re not having constraints in case you want to speak to any member of the team who’s working on your project.