5 Technologies That Can Transform Your Business

By Abhishek Amin Jun 16, 2021, 8:45:29 AM , In Automation
5 Technologies That Can Transform Your Business

Businesses are developing the way they used to run a decade back as technology is advancing daily. New technologies create new opportunities to do a job that Business wants to get done. They are adapting to the advanced competitive environment by changing their business models and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. While 2021 is witnessing the rise in surprising solutions and technologies, the imminent future will bring much more in store for companies looking to disrupt and be game-changers. 

Let us have a brief understanding of these five game-changing technologies.

Custom Chatbots 

We had extremely annoying Chatbot experiences a few years back in the initial stages as they were programmed with some limitations. Chatbots back then, were not able to give the right answer unless questions were asked exactly how they were set up to interpret user input. 

But the good news is that huge steps continue to be made in the way of natural language processing and sentiment analytics. Chatbots are reshaping and reimagining how industries and individuals interact with each other, as well as how data is collected and communicated between parties. Think about all the services that could be provided without humans—fast food lines, loan processors, job recruiters! What’s more.

According to a survey by LivePerson, Chatbot development is gaining popularity globally. Out of 5,000 people incorporated by the survey, 38% of them globally rated their overall perception of Chatbot as positive and only 11% have reported a negative perception for the Chatbots; while 51% had neutral stances. 

Connected Clouds

Cloud Computing has replaced the requirement for large Data Centres and IT Infrastructures to manage the Data requirements. But another huge implementation it has brought forward is the Mobility of the Data. As a user, you no longer require to be within the physical proximity of the Server to access the Data. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is another such Cloud-based Framework to store your Data in the Cloud.

Edge computing places the data and services away from centralized points to the logical extremes of a network. Going all public cloud, private cloud, or data center isn’t the best option, that’s what corporates are realizing. Sometimes, they need both to be combined. Thus, connected clouds are modifying themselves to meet companies’ changing needs—whether they want cloud-sourced storage, networking, security, or app deployment.  Security is one other benefit that edge brings along. With devices storing sensitive data, vulnerability is reduced manifolds.

The term, Multi-Cloud will be the new trend that will create buzz for the cloud conversation, what it implies is the applications need to be seamless, secure, and streamlined. For most businesses, this means a mix of workloads running in public, private, and hybrid environments and this will be a big topic in 2019.


Blockchain app technology can bring enterprises a variety of solutions by leveraging supply chain management systems, ERP management, transparent business transactions, and more. Blockchain has continued to be one of the most sought-after digital technologies these days. 

Blockchain will also be used by education institutes and organizations to secure the data of students. It has revolutionized the way of doing business in the Bitcoin Wallet App. 

Several business giants such as Amazon, Paypal, Subway, and Apple’s app store have already accepted Bitcoins as a payment. Blockchain is also leveraged by IMF and other government departments globally. 

Artificial Intelligence

There are numerous reasons why AI can be a trusted solution for retailers. One and of course the most prominent reason is that Artificial Intelligence can up-raise the customer experience. Moreover, AI can provide fast and intelligent automation as well as dynamic scalability to optimize the purchase experience of the customers. 

AI is a combination to use big data combined with natural language interface and machine learning. Also, it carries the potential to hibernate the old customary process of customer engagement and raise the new methods for the benefit of customers and retailers.

Experts feel that AI & ML application development will be applied to multiple industries for decision-making. Many eCommerce companies are expected in leveraging AI services to provide personalized pricing based on purchase history and online behavior. Experts have also predicted increased use of AI-powered chatbots will help customers in taking faster decisions.

AR over VR

Virtual reality(VR) is pretty cool but doesn’t go well with the gaming and highly specialized applications in today’s marketplace. Instead, Augmented reality (AR) continues to be the name of the game in 2019 digital transformation trends. Augmented Reality is not an imagination, but a kind of reality that allows your customers to interact with information or product in real-time. 

AR development gives immersive experience into 2D and 3D graphics, video, audio. AR has been found to be used in lots of cases in enterprise workforce training. And that’s how we understand technology.

How IndiaNIC can help?

Since 1997, IndiaNIC has been delivering quality solutions using cutting-edge technologies which streamline the complex processes of various business flows. Technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, DevOps, Blockchain, AR, and AI-ML are transforming the tech ecosystem and helping businesses build disruptive products faster. The expertise lies in the integration of such trending technologies into web applications and mobile applications development.

Get in touch with tech experts to know more about such solutions and technologies at no extra cost.

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