7 Amazing Features & Applications of Robotic Process Automation

By Abhishek Amin Sep 25, 2020, 1:15:20 PM , In Automation
7 Amazing Features & Applications of Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation, aka RPA, is not something related to those blinging physical robots which you may have seen and imagined. RPA is used to build software robots which can easily replace those human activities which are tedious and repetitive. Talking about the automation here, these software robots can easily perform tasks across the UI, data entries, email logins and attachments, various forms to be filled.

Do you know what is the best thing about Robotic Process Automation technology? Well, one of the best things about RPA is that even non technical people can use the tools of RPA to configure and customise their own Robots to solve their automation needs.

RPA Technology Categorization

Just for your information let me simplify the types of Robots.


Most of us know what Chatbots are! Chatbots are the Artificial Intelligence based virtual assistants which automate the customer service operations. They are programmed to provide precise and instant information to the users or customers. They can automate many kinds of business processes along with automated bots for 24/7 customer service desks.


These are the kind of software robots which are designed to perform specific tasks. The task is to gather information from the internet, store the data by identifying the user-specified information. This information is then carried out for usage on desired purposes.


These are the bots which are designed to follow simple processes which have repeatable rules to process the data.

Irrespective of the industry type or market size, businesses search to implement more operational efficiency and enhance productivity. One of the best ways to make business efficient is adopting RPA into business functions. Let us have a look at some of the best features of Robotic Process Automation.

7 Best Features of RPA

Multi-Tasking Software Console

RPA software console is the one that determines and discovers the workflow. All the automated operations are managed through this central console. It helps users to identify issues, monitor operations, and also streamline future workloads.

Role-based Security

In case of multi-user scenario at an enterprise level, RPA can offer role-based user access, customisation and configuration allowance for encryption capabilities for uninterrupted networking. While maintaining compliance with industry regulatory standards such as SOX, HIPAA, etc., RPA encrypt all information used by the software bots to avoid any data tampering.

User-friendly Interface to Create Bots

RPA software allows users to accelerate in creating bots. It also empowers the users to edit and manage the bots and their functionalities using the task manager.

Seamless Scalability Feature

Robotic Process Automation provides a greater working environment as it lets you upscale and downscale any specific automation operation on-the-go. A centralized system monitoring and managing all the software bots makes the scalability easy.


RPA can go through the structure and process of the company and adjust itself dynamically. It makes a change required and also replicates the entire task. It also allows dynamic interaction while debugging. It can change the variable values that help to change different scenarios.

Source Control

Enables developers to examine the difference between versions of a certain process to discover what has changed. It can offer auditable management as well as control over the RPA environment, including clients, bots, users, and schedules. It also equally performs as the single-point-of-access & control for bot implementation.

Hosting and Deployment

RPA software can help in deploying automation to customer locations across virtual machines, terminal services, and cloud. Cloud is preferred due to its scalability and flexibility. RPA system empowers agentless configuration, eliminates the central server synchronization problems and runtime updates. Because of this, businesses can install RPA tools on desktops and deploy it on servers to access data for completing repetitive tasks.

Top Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Applications

RPA has already leaped forward to be implemented in various industry applications.

Enhanced Customer Service

Efficient customer service operations like automating contact centre tasks, verification of e-signatures and information for approval process.


General or operational accounting, transactional reporting, budgeting, etc. can be done using RPA solutions.

Financial Services

Finance businesses can use RPA for FOREX payments, automating account operations, audits, insurance claims, etc.

Smart Healthcare

Managing patient records, medi-claims, customer support, account management, billing, reporting and analytics can be automated with RPA software.

Human Resources

RPA can also ease and automate HR operations that include onboarding and offboarding, managing employee information and time sheet submission processes.

Advanced Supply Chain Operations

Automations can be led in product procurement, order processing and payments, monitoring inventory levels and tracking shipments via RPA.

Enterprise-grade Solutions

RPA software is primarily useful for enterprises with various complicated systems that need to interact together fluidly. One thing that can be guaranteed with Robotic Process Automation is that with RPA, businesses will be able to achieve speed, scalability, reliability, simplicity, and above all, intelligence.

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