BLE/Beacon Proliferation Across Various Industries in Australia

By Abhishek Amin Aug 23, 2021, 10:45:39 AM , In Automation
BLE/Beacon Proliferation Across Various Industries in Australia

Hey friends, isn’t it true that a customer demands for connection across all facets of a business. Businesses and marketers are desperately trying to bridge the gaps between offline and online channels, so they can reap the rewards of hyper-engaged and loyal customers. Beacon app development is arguably the most exciting development in one-to-one marketing since the mobile apps themselves. 

“This is the long-term vision behind beacon technologies: to make it extremely simple to develop, configure, deploy, and distribute apps for physical locations.” – Jakub Krzych, Estimote.

With the technologies being adopted worldwide, Australia is making its mark by embracing beacon technology in various industries. Below are few of the most prominent implementations of the beacon app development that cater the varied industries of Australia.

The Australian Museum

The Australian Museum is progressively rolling out a sophisticated beacon strategy across its exhibits. The museum has implemented beacon app development targeted towards children. This app enables the user to participate in a scavenger hunt throughout the museum. The idea of this mobile app is to gamify the whole museum experience using sensory technology. The mobile app uses a ‘radar bar’ to calculate the distance between the device and the beacon (object) the kids are trying to hunt.

To complement the app, the museum also developed an admin tool that would allow seamless testing and calibration of the beacons as needed. This allows the staff to manually change the signal strength of the beacon within minutes.

Sydney Airport

Airports have been experimenting with beacon technology for the last few years. There are lots of shopping opportunities and lots of places for passengers to get lost looking for things like baggage claim.

Sydney Airport is currently trialing this proximity based technology before rolling out their strategy more extensively across the airport. The benefits of implementing beacon app development was to guide the passenger by getting turn-by-turn directions to complete essential airport chronicles faster. 

Potential applications of beacon technology at Sydney Airport:

  • iBeacons to track terminal bathroom cleaning, improve responsiveness and optimise cleaning outcomes;
  • Location-based personalised retail offers providing savings for passengers;
  • Utilising smartphones for passenger navigation and ‘wayfinding’;
  • Tracking the location of assets such as baggage carts; and
  • Passenger heat maps to identify and address pinch points in the terminal.

Curtin University

The Open Day of the Perth campus of Curtin University in 2015 incepted beacon technologies as a way to improve data insights into prospective students. The university launched a beacon-enabled app, Hello Curtin, that fed students crafted information based on their location on campus.

The beacon app enabled the following:

  • It enables the students to receive relevant course information.
  • It allows the admin to collect valuable insights on prospective students, and use this data to draft targeted messages for converting these student leads.

There were 25 beacons used in total on the Open day. On average, students visited three different beacon-enabled locations and generated more than 4,050 individual information pushes. 

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

The MCG has been experimenting with beacon technology over the last 2 years to gain a deep understanding of customer engagement, before rolling out a larger campaign. Their first beacon trial was in 2014 during AFL games at the stadium. Fans could win one of 50 Four ‘N Twenty pies if they downloaded a pass to their Android or iPhone. MCG staff were equipped with beacons that triggered location-specific messages via Bluetooth to fans as they moved around the stadium during each match.

The aim of this trial was just to gain an understanding of how the technology worked and also test different marketing and promotional channels. The management was able to gain data on how people engaged with the beacons and the app. They utilized this data to execute the decisions on the future applications of the technology.

Final Say…

The substantial aim of all of these Australian industry applications of beacon technology was the focus on building an MVP. IndiaNIC is far paced to adopt technological advancements and beacon app development is no exception. We are aimed to provide scalable beacon solutions that could be fully customized to meet your business needs. 

Why Prefer IndiaNIC to Build Custom Beacon-based Solutions?

IndiaNIC is an award-winning iBeacon application development company, providing robust BLE/beacon based mobile app solutions. IndiaNIC has developed its own beacon devices which can be customized based on the various business requirements. The IoT engineers at IndiaNIC have 5+ years of experience in working with various sensors and connected devices and have delivered real-world innovations to businesses.

Integration of iBeacon SDK

A team of IoT engineers and mobile app developers at IndiaNIC will help you integrate iBeacon SDK into your existing or new system. 

Our experts will help you build a web-based admin from where you can create, edit, or manage the content you wish to broadcast through iBeacons. It will also help you in managing and sending push notifications as well as various analytics (behavioral, operational, etc.) for making future strategies in marketing and inventory management.

Get in touch with our team if you wish to discuss a similar project idea.

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