Four F&B Businesses Reaping Rewards via Voice Skills

By Abhishek Amin Apr 6, 2021, 11:35:04 AM , In Automation
Four F&B Businesses Reaping Rewards via Voice Skills

If you are a startup or an old player in food industry, you surely know right now that existing food businesses and startups are facing fierce competition. Due to the demands of the customers of 2021, technology has led an increased competition. Now it’s all about the innovations and enhancements in terms of quality services and customer satisfaction.

Leveraging the popularity of a various range of Smart Speakers, top businesses have started realizing the potential of this voice technology to unlock a new plethora of possibilities.

Every single week, the volume of Alexa Skills development is surging and businesses are adopting customized Alexa skills given the benefits of voice-first technology. Let us take a look at four top-notch food businesses that have successfully adopted Alexa skills for their business and reaped rewards.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

KFC is America’s fast food restaurant chain that also has come up with an innovative Alexa Skill called ‘KFC Chicken Talk’ in Canada & ‘KFC India’ for Indian market. The whole idea was to pop in with the next-gen eating experience with features to provide ease of access, digital menus, personalized engagement, etc.

With ‘KFC Chicken Talk’, a finger-lickin’ good conversation starts where Alexa will entertain users with multiple jokes, pick-up lines, random thoughts, etc. about Chicken. You can only say, “Alexa, Talk Chicken To Me” and get served with a whole new level of interactive experience.

“KFC India” users can ask Alexa to order their favorite finger lickin’ dishes by saying, “Alexa, Launch KFC and show me burgers” or “Alexa, open KFC and add a chicken zinger.” All you need to is now sit back, relax, and wait for your meal to arrive at your doorstep.

KFC Chicken Talk:

KFC India:


With Domino’s skill, you can build a new order from scratch, place your Easy Order or your most recent order. You can ask Alexa for your order’s status with Domino’s Tracker.

To get started, just say “Alexa, open Domino’s and place my order.” or “Alexa, open Domino’s and track my order.” The next moment the voice skills will start fetching your order and tracking details based on your voice query.

Dominos Alexa Skill :


Grubhub is a leading online food ordering and delivery mobile application. The new Grubhub skill for Alexa “Reorder with Grubhub” was developed with an idea to make it easy for customers to reorder food from 50,000+ restaurants using voice search. 

Those who are craving only need to say “Alexa, tell Grubhub I’m hungry”. Alexa will respond with, “Welcome to Grubhub! Here are the latest orders available for reorder”. 

The Grubhub skill is for reordering a meal you have already ordered on Grubhub. Upon the launch, it will list out the last three meals in your order history. 

Read more about Grubhub’s Blog on Alexa Skill here!


Leveraging Amazon Alexa skills, users can tell Alexa to order their favorite coffee or anything from the shop. American coffee company Starbucks released an Alexa skill for all the coffee lovers. That allows you to put your favorite order using only your voice. The setup is quick but requires a touch more work than your typical Alexa skill.

Just say, “Alexa, enable Starbucks Reorder.” To be ready to use the skill, you’ll be needed to possess a previously placed order for a drink using the Starbucks app. If you haven’t, you will have to place an order through the app first.

Once that is done, just say, “Alexa, open Starbucks.” Alexa will help you order your favorite coffee from one of the last 10 stores you had placed an order with. You can ask Alexa to change your order with a voice demand, “Switch my order”. Trust me, it’s that simple.

Starbucks Reorder Alexa Skill :

Why even Big Brands are Adding Voice Skills?

The reports from Forbes say that more than 60% of food menu searches will be voice-based by 2021.

Any food business right now in 2021 is focusing on developing and implementing custom voice skills on the app to stay competitive. There are multiple reasons and objectives associated with it:

  • Personalized Experience is Enhanced
  • To Increase ROI for Food Businesses
  • Better customer retention
  • Enhanced operational efficiency

Food and Voice is a sought-after combination of phrases. Change is good, especially when it is made for your end customers. Then what are you waiting for? Take a huge step forward by the idea of integrating voice skills with your mobile app.

Let’s join hands for a well-worth project discovery to know more about your business goals and get top-tier suggestions from our experts.

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