Geofencing Solutions For Hospitality Businesses to Improve Guest Experience

By Abhishek Amin Aug 18, 2021, 5:11:16 PM , In Automation
Geofencing Solutions For Hospitality Businesses to Improve Guest Experience

The travel & hospitality industry has seen ground-breaking changes in every corner due to innovative technologies and inventions of the late. Custom mobile apps have led the hospitality industry to reimagine, implement, and reorganize ways of customer service, guest engagement, and other operations. 

It is really a great thing to see that a lot of businesses are associated with the travel and hospitality industry are welcoming Geofencing based solutions to offer one-on-one personalized guest experiences. After all, enhancing travel experiences will increase customer retention and loyalty. Isn’t it a good investment in the long run? 

What is Geofencing?

Creating virtual geographic boundaries using specific technologies like GPS and RFID that enables a software to trigger communication to smartphones of the people entering or exiting.

Geofencing boundaries can be active or passive. Active boundaries require smartphone users to use location services and keep a mobile app open. Whereas, passive ones rely on WiFi or cellular data instead of RFID or GPS.

Geofencing technology can be integrated with mobile and other IoT technologies such as using BLE/Beacon devices to fetch contextual data. For example, the hotel or resort businesses can use such solutions to identify how the customers spend their time around the resort. 

Let’s have a look at where hospitality companies can add geofencing solutions.

Automated Check-ins

A smart option to leave an instant impact on the customers indeed. Hospitality businesses can offer their guests or customers to check-in through smartphones. Geofencing can be set in the parking space or a landing spot where the app will receive an instant notification. Clicking that notification will redirect to the Check-in page where the customers will be able to see room numbers and other details upon confirming through the app. 

During the checkout, a departing message can be sent to the customers leaving the geofencing limits like “Hope you enjoyed your stay. Visit us soon.”.

Social Media Strategy for Branding

Geofencing surrounding a resort or hotel area allows the team to capture conversions without the hashtag. This strategy has helped to boost the social presence and digital branding of many hotels, resorts, and restaurants in the food industry too.

Smart Analytics

As discussed earlier, Geofencing merged with other technologies help to get a better idea of customers’ needs. The hotel management can send various services and facilities options via notifications on the customer’s smartphone. They can analyze customer behavior by tracking their interests and improve their services.

Poolside Customer Services

Automated food and drinks menu can be sent to the guests who are relaxing in the pool area. The guests can have whatever they need with the option to add to the room bill or by paying digitally via the custom hotel app. Moreover, the poolside waiters can see their loyalty status and can greet them by name.

Management of Hospitality Workforce

Location-based solutions help the management staff to measure the foot traffic of their customers in every segment. The data collected will help the staff to understand where the guests may need the services and schedule the employees accordingly. 

Merge with BLE Wearables for Child Tracking

The hotels and resorts can hand over the guests smart BLE-powered children tags which they can put anywhere on the children. There could be wearable device app development that can help to design watches, bands, etc. It helps to get alerts notifying if they have exited a safe zone. Geofencing helps to restrict the children to wander around where it is not safe and gives peace of mind to their parents. 

Benefits of Implementing Geofencing-based Solutions

Geofencing helps to upsell and cross-sell services or products. All can be done with the help of push notifications. There are chances to hit the bull’s eye with this as there might be some customers who realize to go ahead and make the purchase of your offerings. This is a win-win situation for both customers as well as businesses.

Big amount of accurate data collected to perform behavioral analysis to understand the diverse customer insights such as buying capacity of the buyers, their motivation, and buying habits.

The biggest help, besides improving guests’ experience, is the robust security parameters and measurement of it. With the location tracking wearables, you can track the movement of your employees within the premises.

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