GPS Solutions for Fleet Management & Vehicle Rental Businesses

By Abhishek Amin May 14, 2021, 12:29:11 PM , In Automation
GPS Solutions for Fleet Management & Vehicle Rental Businesses

Today, we talk about the systems and industries that run the world. Logistics, vehicle rentals, fleet companies are the ones that are rotating the goods and people to meet the requirements. Many solutions and innovations were invented and implemented to transform these businesses without the shadow of a doubt.

In this article, we are going to talk about a similar technology, GPS, and the solutions led by GPS integration with various technologies. These GPS-based solutions help businesses to effectively manage their fleets with a wide spectrum of features. Let us first learn why the innovations were much needed in this industry domain. 

Problems Faced

The majority of the fleet management companies were clueless about what is going on the way. The problems are mentioned below:

  • Any transparency over the monitoring of fuel consumption.
  • Lack of monitoring of drivers and routes.
  • Difficult to reach out to the drivers.
  • Accidents due to machine failure.
  • Periodic tracking and maintenance of vehicles in the fleet.

Advanced technologies like GPS, Geofence, IoT, website applications, mobile applications, etc. have changed the scenarios significantly. Not only to avoid the unwanted accidents, but also to get insightful details on when your vehicles started for the day, where they travel, how often they stop, and for how long, etc. As an admin or owner of the fleet operations, isn’t it better if you can get real-time notifications and updates about driver behaviour on your mobile or desktop?

Why Consider GPS Solutions Development?

If you haven’t implemented a full-fledged GPS system in place, the time is now. A versatile GPS solution can help you to track the maintenance and repairs, operations, live status of your fleet and ensure the durability of it as well productivity of the resources. Following are a fre benefits explained for opting to develop custom GPS-based solutions.

1. Improves Vehicle Utilization

Asset utilization can be improved with the help of GPS solutions for the fleet companies and similar businesses to car rentals. How? Well, GPS devices fosters the admin team or management to identify the vehicles which are not in use and can assign to the upcoming the routes accordingly. The teams can also keep track of vehicles which are on the way of return with an ETA to plan the next routes.

2. Enhances Vehicle Health Monitoring

Manual periodic check and maintenance of the fleet is probably an impossible task. After all, it is a machine that can fail anytime. That makes it a challenging task already and what if there are hundreds of vehicles in the fleet. Think about the resources a company needs just to check the health of the fleet.

A simple GPS technology when integrated with IoT sensors can empower a company to track the vehicle’s engine health along with retrieving the data of the vehicle and the driving behaviour while it is on the run.

3. Asset Optimization

Advanced GPS solutions will help the companies to identify the accurate reasons behind the vehicle failure and total downtime while being on the way to the destination. Because it results in the failure of timely deliveries, GPS technology can help the management team take smart decisions in order to maintain the delivery services intact with smart asset management.

4. Route Planning

Geofencing is the teachnology that can help the managers to pre-define the optimized routes for deliveries. Basically, they can set the boundaries over any specific area and set a route. If a vehicle deviates from the prescribed route, or crosses and enters the set boundaries, real-time alerts will be received by the app user about the activities of the driver. Route optimization and planning also helps in installing an efficient delivery system.

5. Overspeeding Alerts

Accidents not results in the loss of vehicle, it may cost lives too. And many accidents happen on daily basis. This is where fleet companies may get hurt the most. To loose a resource due to accident must be avoided. 

Majority of the accidents are due to overspeeding and losing control over the wheel. This is where GPS technology can help management teams to identify if a driver is overspeeding. They can immediately track and get alerts if a vehicle exceeds the defined maximum speed limit.

6. Improves Fuel Efficiency

All the benefits above like tracking of driving behaviour, vehicle health maintenance, overspeeding, route planning and optimzation, etc. help in enhancing the overall fuel efficiency of the entire fleet of vehicles significantly. Not only GPS can help businesses to enhance the fuel efficiency, it also helps them to save huge costs annually.

7. Real-time Tracking

GPS helps businesses to get the insights about when an asset personnel is getting late, whether he is resting or stuck somewhere in the traffic. It fosters real-time tracking that allows to keep an eye on your assets and resources on the roads. Whenever any of the fleet vehicles faces a breakdown or damage, you can get alerts along with the location details. Features like road-side assistance and nearby garages over the map integration can be incorporate into the custom developed web app or mobile apps.

8. Smart Fleet Management Solution

A custom fleet management software solution in the form of website application and mobile app can be developed by using the data collected by the GPS devices. It helps the rental car operator to keep a complete control over the fleet of all the vehicles. It can incorporate every data about vehicle diagnostics, maintenance and scheduling, wear and tear, fuel cost calculator and tracking, driver data, etc.

If you are looking for a custom fleet management solution or a GPS solution for your business idea, contact the expert innovators at IndiaNIC. Our game-changing solutions will help you transform your ultimate dream into a beautiful reality. The team will help you strategize your idea, develop, implement, and provide live support too.

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