How Alexa Voice Technology Can Empower Businesses?

By Abhishek Amin Feb 3, 2021, 6:12:45 AM , In Automation
How Alexa Voice Technology Can Empower Businesses?

Well well well. Alexa has indeed become a common buzzword amongst not only the millennials, but for people of all the age groups. As much as the potential of Alexa voice skills dominates the personal life, there is even bigger potential professionally. Yes, it ain’t a lie.

Amazon has already come up with Alexa for Business service. If you haven’t heard about it that is absolutely fine. Today, I will tell things about Alexa for Business and what you, as a business owner, need to know about this amazing voice technology and its potential impact on your business.

Brief on Alexa for Business

Alexa for Business is a service that enables organizations and employees to be more productive and save time through using the Alexa voice assistants, or in other words, smart voice speakers. These intelligent digital assistants can be so helpful for employees in meeting rooms, at their desks, in the reception area, etc. The employees even can use them with their personal Alexa devices on the go. 

Compatible with Many Digital Brands

After the release of this new service update back in 2018, Alexa for Business was launched to integrate the service with 3rd party office devices or various types of digital equipment. This means that Alexa can now be incorporated in office equipment, then managed as a shared device using the Alexa for Business console. Amazon has already worked with some top global vendors like Plantronics, iHome, BlackBerry, Linkplay and Extron in order to enhance the testing cycle and to deliver a perfect customer experience.

Cutting it short about the Alexa for Business details, let us jump to the applicational benefits of this amazing technology for businesses or enterprises.

Alexa for Business Transforming Work floors

Whether you own a small, medium or large scale enterprise, Amazon has developed this amazing platform called Alexa for Business, which apparently could be an actual assistant, not only a virtual assistant. Alexa voice technology is the key to unlock that possibility to transform your business into a supremely digitized voice-enabled enterprise model. 

Alexa for Business will enhance Resource Management

Alexa skill developers can come up with unique Alexa skills that help resource management framework. Ask Alexa to open any employee’s individual documents without breaking your current workflow. Alexa skills can be integrated with a number of monitoring, business operations, and even custom mobile applications developed and used at the workplace. Alexa can retrive data to provide real-time information whenever required. You can have the following advantages by having Alexa installed for your business leveraging custom Alexa skill development.

  • Access resource data to manage their tasks
  • Make notes on-the-go
  • Streamline billable hours for your clients for any project
  • Set reminders
  • Real-time project updates and management
  • Block facebook and social media platforms for certain duration
  • Enhance productivity and planning

Advanced & Streamlined Work Floor Operations

When integrated with the 3rd party, Alexa for Business can be used as a central console for everything. Not only that, it can also be set and managed as a shared device for all the employees. This can be used in open areas that could be a perfect spot and accessible to all for information or work related assistance. It does it all, I mean from inquiring whether any meeting room is vacant or not, booking the room or to know who booked the meeting room, and even to join the meeting for presenting a source of information.

  • Enable or Disable calling and messaging
  • Auto-dial conference call number from anywhere and join meetings on-the-go
  • Intelligent personal assistant to check your calendar and manage to-do lists
  • Schedule meetings, meetups and set reminders 
  • Join conference calls and meetings in conference rooms instantly
  • Read important facts and figures aloud during meetings
  • Help people to navigate around the office & find a vacant meeting room
  • Play music and reads latest announcements
  • Complaint bookings and forwarding
  • Assistant in procurement and management

Use Alexa for Business as a Marketing Tool

It simply does not matter what business you belong to, Alexa for business can come handy when it is about hospitality of your clients and marketing. Send personalised messages to your clients the moment they step in or deliver quality information they seek. Upsell your products and services in the best way possible to give that touch of class in the marketing activities. That is the beauty of this voice technology.

  • Promote your products, services and offers
  • Instant help to clients or guests with service and information upon request
  • Personalized messages to the clients
  • Enhances customer services
  • Increases customer engagement and patronage

Alexa for Business is Admin’s True Digital Companion

Admins can invite the company employees to enroll for their personal Alexa accounts with your corporate Alexa account to make their calendar browsing voice enabled. Alexa for Business dashboard can allow the admin team to control and manage user profiles. Alexa empowers the administration department with the tools required to seamlessly set up and manage Alexa devices across the organization.

  • Manage shared Alexa devices by setting up a location & assigning public or private skills
  • Control conference room settings after configuration
  • Manage profiles to enroll Alexa accounts to use custom private skills from anywhere
  • Create and manage private and public skills for personal and shared devices
  • Get notifications about various cases such as broken printer or server failures and error messages

Voice is the power that holds the future. If you want to make a step forward and make it count in real terms, then give Voice First technology a good thought to develop custom voice skills based upon your business needs. 

IndiaNIC, an award winning software development company since 1997, boasts technical experts which could guide you thoroughly in your journey to develop and implement voice oriented digital assistants for your professional and personalised experiences. 

Contact the right team of experts for more on Alexa powered workplace solutions.

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