How Custom Chatbots Can Transform Customer Services?

By Abhishek Amin May 11, 2021, 7:47:13 AM , In Automation
How Custom Chatbots Can Transform Customer Services?

The Gartner research states that 89% of companies in the world today now expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer services and experience.

This is the reason why businesses must think of optimizing the existing customer service operations. Technologies and innovations can certainly help to enhance that domain. Customer service is the key to the engagement between the consumers and the service providers. It defines the reputation and overall brand image of the company, as support is an integral part of service or product experience when it comes to delivering to the customers.

Chatbots can certainly add value to your customer service goals. Many benefits are associated with the custom chatbot development and implementation into the existing business websites and mobile applications. Let us find out through this article how chatbots can transform customer services. 

Please keep in mind, here, we are not talking about chatbots becoming a substitute for human resources. It is more about integrating this amazing chatbot solution for the betterment of customer services.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a pre-defined computer program or an automated system built leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. It could give a response in textual, audio, and graphical form to the user in natural language on all kinds of devices and applications if integrated.

You can ask the custom-built chatbot a question or request to perform some actions.  A chatbot looks for keywords in the user query to give predefined answers. With the help of technologies like AI & ML, NLP, a chatbot can also get smarter as the number of interactions with specific users is increased. This is where the machine starts learning the user preferences and make instant recommendations.

Advantages of Implementing a Chatbot Solution

Enhanced User Engagement

Customers of 2021 are busy and need everything they need in the shortest space of time. Talking about information about their search query, they need quicker and precise responses. That builds a sense of trust, a bond of loyalty between the customers and businesses. 

Custom chatbot development is perhaps the most efficient solution for businesses to take advantage of customer service abilities. Chatbot speaks directly with the customers and deals with their queries. It collects the data and provides them information that is accurate. Chatbots can also manage the data collected from the customers and save it for analysis as and when required for the future. 

24/7 Customer Service

This is another great advantage of chatbots. Customers can ask the queries to the chatbots at any hour on the clock. The clients fancy this feature, given the different time zones globally. A custom chatbot must be integrated into business websites and mobile applications these days. Never ever miss an opportunity to respond to a potential customer, even in the middle of the night.

A chatbot integration makes sure of it as it can be active 24/7. Give your website visitor, leads, or even customers a sense of relief that someone is present at all times to respond. A chatbot is also your company’s virtual employee, assisting your potential clients.

Takes Over the Monotonous Tasks to Improve Productivity

Normally many times the job of a customer service executive becomes boring as every single time there are some monotonous tasks which are needed to be followed. This also wastes a lot of time for the customer, the executive, and affects the overall efficiency as well as experience.

Chatbots can help in handling these monotonous tasks with ease and supreme efficiency. Once developed and implemented, they can handle boring and repetitive tasks given to them. It frees up the human executives, keeps them fresh, and allows them to focus on even important tasks. That can really help any customer service department to flourish.

Personalized Experience

Chatbots are nothing but a set of software programs, defined to perform various tasks as per custom business requirements. However, they provide a great personalized experience to the business customers. Leveraging the ML & NLP technologies, a chatbot can learn the way a specific user interacts with it. That way a chatbot collects the data and saves the details too. Based on that, when the same user arrives in the future, a chatbot can recollect the data and identify the user to give a welcome message with the name. 

Not only that, but a chatbot also can show the history of orders, product searches as per the user behavior and make recommendations. This can immediately improve the customer experience and saves time in most cases. Users can also enjoy the experience when a machine bot gives them the information they need in no time at all.

Real-time Customer Feedback Gathering

For businesses selling products and services, it is very important for them to collect customer feedback. It is very important for the customer services department to know what their customers feel about the brand and experience of buying their products and services.

Many times customers avoid the feedback forms as they are manual. But what if a chatbot is customized to be ready with a set of questions and it could be used for collecting feedback with customizations as and when needed? Of course, the feedback collection through chatbots will be an interactive experience for customers too. Personalized feedback is also possible with customizations that can take the brand experience to the next level.

Final Say

Chatbots solutions are not about the debatable theories of the Man versus the Machine. It is more about combining the abilities of humans and the potential of the technologies through data capturing machines and sensors to make multiple business processes optimized and productive. Of course, the potential of both, humans and machines, cannot be compared.

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