iBeacons Aiding Growth in Revenue for Supermarkets

By Abhishek Amin Jul 8, 2021, 11:12:24 AM , In Automation
iBeacons Aiding Growth in Revenue for Supermarkets

The world is looking at the entrepreneurs to implement the Beacons at their Merchandise and changing the way their premise interacts with the customer autonomously. The beacon app development or having a mobile-friendly website using the beacons has let the retailer broaden their thinking to look beyond the horizon. But are you an entrepreneur who is going to wait till Walmart does? Or you are one with to foresee the opportunities the Beacons provide to get surplus on your customer utility.

And that’s not even from an Economist view! It is the same ideology that led you to venture into Super Markets and Modern Trades bringing the one-stop-shopping concept to life. Having a multi-story business premise with hundreds of customers visiting, it is a daunting task to navigating the customer so they can locate products quickly. And as a store manager or a marketing head, you must know the pointers what areas you must focus on to improve the customer experience. Beacons have made it possible with beacon app development or a responsive mobile-friendly web app.

Bring on the Beacons

Now you might argue that we can get this right simply by Mobile App Development and Social Media Marketing. But what if there is a technology that can not only assist the customers to navigate inside the store but using their real-time position, direct them to buy goods, market your offers & featured products and also help the customer with check-out. Beacons can make all of this (and more) possible with much lesser expense than you might imagine.

How does Beacon App Development help Supermarkets?

First and foremost, integrate your Mobile App or the Mobile-friendly website with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Proximity sense. And simultaneously overhaul your existing Outlet through installations of Beacons. Now, these Beacons are equipped with Marketing Campaign Management tools so you can implement your marketing strategies very easily. And similarly, you can make changes to the one deployed yesterday. In this way, beacon app development will be a blessing for supermarkets.

Ideas that can be offered in Supermarkets

  • Send shoppers different recipes based on their proximity to particular items
  • Provide nutritional facts of the items on the go
  • Send deals based on the purchase habit of the consumer
  • Offer a “meal map” within a store to deliver menus, as well as the locations of all the necessary ingredients
  • Offer discounts if particular items are purchased
  • List and show the location of all your specials
  • Shoppers in the cheese section could receive advice about good wines to pair with their selections
  • Offer detailed nutritional information for each item
  • Allow your suppliers to purchase space on your proximity Beacons for their own marketing activities.

BLE/Beacon Payments

BLE offers the following three payment scenarios:

  1. Under this format, the virtual card is stored on a handset that is connected through BLE to the POS terminal which in turn is connected to a payment network.
  2. In this scenario, data is stored in the cloud. Through BLE, the handset connects to a POS beacon, which in turn connects to the cloud. This format allows for personalization, whereby when a customer enters a store, his mobile device connects with the BLE beacon and his picture and name are sent to the cash point. The transaction does not require a card and is done on account of facial recognition by the cashier and confirmation given by the customer.
  3. This scenario involves data on the handset itself, which connects over BLE to the POS which in turn is connected to the payment network. This even allows customers to scan products on their own.

How do Beacons work?

Your Beacon-enabled store with a range up to 70 meters, will be tracking Beacon-enabled Smart Phones in its zone. Now you can send promos, provide discount offers on the basis of what the customer has already purchased, integrate combos, share information and also ease the check-out process. When the customer is leaving your premises, ask for a survey or prompt them to ‘like’ your social media page.

The Beacons provide the most accurate real-time location of the customer and do not require Wi-Fi, 3G, or GPS services. Moreover, the anticipated 2 years life span of the battery of a Beacon and extremely low energy consumption boost the probability to find Beacon-enabled Smart Phones higher than any other network you may adopt.

Why Choose IndiaNIC for BLE App Development?

We are not only excited about Beacons, but we already have a portfolio of successful Projects for Beacon App development. We would love to provide you a demo to have a more realistic view of the technology. 

IndiaNIC has developed its own beacon devices which can be customized based on the various business requirements. The IoT engineers at IndiaNIC are having 5+ years of experience in working with various sensors and connected devices and have delivered real-world innovations to businesses.

Integration of iBeacon SDK

A team of IoT engineers and mobile app developers at IndiaNIC will help you integrate iBeacon SDK into your existing or new system. 

Our experts will help you build a web-based admin from where you can create, edit, or manage the content you wish to broadcast through iBeacons. It will also help you in managing and sending push notifications as well as various analytics (behavioral, operational, etc.) for making future strategies in marketing and inventory management.

Get in touch with our team if you wish to discuss a similar project idea.

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