IoT Technology Elevating Workspace Management

By Abhishek Amin Jun 22, 2021, 3:39:29 PM , In Automation
IoT Technology Elevating Workspace Management

It is a fact that facility management at any workplace has to adapt to the workspace available and make the most of it. Office space constraint is a common problem everywhere and it leads facility management to go for procurement of complex and expensive systems which are integrated into the company network or associated with elaborate installations which cause substantial costs to the company. The concept of a modern and smart workplace is becoming popular than ever and the demands will grow over the next decade too.

IoT: A Solution to the Problems of Facility Management

Implementing smart workplace management leveraging IoT technology is the best option for facility management. Smart Office Market using IoT-based automation and solutions is growing than ever due to benefits such as smart management and office offerings, increasing need for safety and security systems at the workplace. 

Demands and expectations for Smart Office Market

According to a new market research report “Smart Office Market by Product (Smart Lighting/Lighting Controls, Security Systems, Energy Management Systems, HVAC Control Systems, Audio–Video Conferencing Systems), Software & Service, Office Type, and Geography – Global Forecast to 2023”, the smart office market was valued at USD 22.21 Billion in 2017 and is expected to reach USD 46.11 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 12.94% between 2017 and 2023.

Smart Workspace is the Real Deal

We spend most of our time at our office so a “Connected Environment” at our workplace would only help us feel more comfortable and increase overall productivity. Alike Smart Home Automation, the Smart Workplace concept also includes the integration of hardware and software solutions. It helps enterprises to have a modern and digital workplace which helps in reducing operational costs, save electricity, improving overall experience and productivity.

Best-in-Class Connected Meeting Rooms

IoT technology makes it is possible for big companies to have notifications on hand about the availability of conference rooms. Leveraging custom mobile app development or web app dashboard, companies can install meeting room displays for a number of benefits. For large companies and offices, multiple beacons can work together and used in micro-location management helping employees to find their way to the meeting rooms. 

Beacons are more precise in providing location-based information indoors as they pinpoint you to an available meeting room with the desired technology setup to kickstart a meeting. Beacons will allow employees to spend more time being productive and less time wandering around or asking others for directions.

  • Book the meeting room at the door
  • Instant and automatic update of meeting room status through Digital Signage
  • Avoid meeting room sharks and ghost meetings
  • Custom Meeting room display dashboards with great UI
  • Enhanced meeting experience boosting brand value and identity

Connected Office for better workplace collaboration

Facility management can implement IoT solutions into organization infrastructure to improve the interaction of the employees and enhance the workplace environment and management. Smart workplaces with IoT-enabled floors will help in tracking and churning real-time insights on employees’ productivity. This makes complex operations more seamless and provides a platform to retrieve real-time data from remote field operations. 

For example, IoT technology can help real-time inventory management to avoid breaks or excess storage at all inventory levels. With the fact that the devices which are connected with IoT will be easier to track down, the supply chain management process can be improved like never before.

  • Smart Workplace improves employee experience and productivity
  • Smooth operation and advanced infrastructure
  • Improved supply chain management and collaboration
  • Effective decision making for management
  • Real-time data needed when necessary

Enhanced Conference Room Experiences

With voice-enabled devices and Alexa skill development integrated together, using Raspberry Pi along with them provide an ultimate solution to automate many things. Alexa for Business is gathering up the pace in the corporate world given its range of benefits for employees and management. 

Enter a conference and you can command Alexa to turn the lights ON or OFF. There are endless solutions companies can implement with the help of these technologies. Beacons can also be used to turn the lights ON/OFF along with built-in humidity sensors, light sensors, and temperature sensors that observe light and air quality.

  • Ultimate experience boosting company identity
  • Smart Automation reducing electricity costs
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Pleasant atmosphere and experience
  • Increase workplace efficiency and productivity

Employee Tracking Solutions elevating Productivity

Using GPS technology combined with custom mobile applications or web app platforms, an IoT solution is provided for businesses who want to manage their sales or on-field employees smartly. Organizations can adapt to such field monitoring solutions using GPS trackers and custom mobile app or web apps to have more control over the onsite process and employees in the field at reduced costs. Management can have all the details about business employees on hand and a platform to share reports to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Real-time track of employees and updates
  • Complete field staff tracking solutions
  • Auto attendance capture
  • Effective and remote monitoring with control of operations
  • Location-based tracking

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