Microsoft Creates Haven with Zero Safety and Privacy Threats

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Microsoft Creates Haven with Zero Safety and Privacy Threats

: Cloud computing plays a key role in managing Big Data. As per the latest survey, half of the US government IT professionals have moved to the cloud. No wonder that most of the researchers estimate the cloud computing market to surpass $240 billion mark by 2020.

Microsoft Haven

Microsoft Haven

As numerous enterprises come forward to leverage benefits of this technological advancement, maintenance of Big Data in terms of safety and privacy is a top most priority for cloud service providers. Enterprises that have already adopted cloud services have more concerns about safety and privacy as their competitors or business rivals also adopt the same technology. Furthermore, several entrepreneurs restrain from adopting the technology just because of lack of trust in cloud service providers.

Users want trustworthy operation

Users usually feel uncomfortable when it comes to operating their cloud applications. They want to operate and manage their cloud apps in such a way that even their service provider cannot get any information related to their data or process. In other words, they demand an ideal situation that is quite free from worries regarding safety and privacy of their data during operation.

Microsoft works on it

More recently, Microsoft has accepted the term ‘Trustworthy Computing’ as a company initiative title for all its commercial offerings. As a step forward for this initiative, Microsoft Research has developed Haven technology for addressing the above situation. Of course, it is in the experimental stage, but users can believe that the tech giant works on their major concern.

What is Haven?

Haven is a technology that enables cloud apps to run securely without being unencrypted. Microsoft has developed it as an attempt to make visuals more efficient, but it naturally fits for the cloud computing. Haven technology won the best paper award in OSDI 2014. At present, Microsoft Research experiments this novel technology with Intel hardware.

How does it work? What’s the benefit?

With Haven, Big Data remains encrypted, and decoding is not feasible. In layman’s terms, thanks to Haven, access to the raw data is not possible even for Law enforcement agencies. Companies soon get rid of privacy concerns. Haven effectively protects them from government spying or data breach attempts from hackers.


Haven is a classic example of Microsoft’s diversification in innovative strategies. It is going to become a technological blessing for the enterprises especially from the safety and privacy viewpoint. We can undoubtedly consider it as a giant leap for Microsoft in the direction of gaining cloud users’ trust.

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