Security and big data are among top three priorities of IT leaders

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Security and big data are among top three priorities of IT leaders

Future of IT is highly interesting as technology covers every aspect of our lives. With increased dependency on IT, security of data comes as the biggest challenge for IT experts. No wonder that security of data tops the list of priorities from the year 2015-2018 as the report mentioned below says.

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Research Report

Tech Pro Research has conducted an online survey in September. In this, CXOs (Chief Experience Officer) and non-CXOs polled and out of those 418 respondents, Research Institute has given the report- IT Leaders’ Tech Predictions for 2015-2018.

Findings of report

According to this report, security, mobile device management (MDM) and big data are the top three future technologies that are top priorities of IT leaders. Let’s go through report’s other interesting findings:

  • Company priorities are security (81%), project management (14%), lowering costs, etc.
  • IT departments have key issues like- increasing productivity with the help of technology and improving efficiency in business processes.
  • Apart from moving big data and services to the cloud, there should be dedicated in-house systems and servers.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) concept is expected to come up strongly.
  • 13% of CXOs were in favor of implementing mobility-based operations for company processes (Enterprise Mobility)
  • About 6 % of CXOs were in favor of improving mobile applications for better compatibility with company operations.

Of course, we have mentioned few findings, but they are sufficient to show us the future trend of technology.

Why security is at the top?

We have gone through recent stories related to data vulnerability and data breach. All the stories make data security a major concern for every company. Particularly when numerous companies opt for cloud computing, these security issues are more critical, and they require immediate attention.

At present, companies’ confidence level is very low as far as security of their data is concerned. As per the research of, 53% of the US companies showed little or no confidence to stop security breaches in the next 12 months.

MDM and Big Data Analytics

Mobile Device Management is highly important for both- BYOD and enterprise mobility concept. Various companies’ IT department or IT consultants make their mobile apps as per their business requirements. Mobile device management further includes compatibility of business apps with different platforms. In this way, MDM has a second number.

Lastly, Big Data Analytics would become the major priorities for IT leaders. As numerous companies shift their data to cloud platform and many more are looking forward for it, Big Data Analytics emerges as a global priority for IT leaders. As per the research by Gartner, Big Data is going to drive $232 billion in spending through 2016. Another research says that Big Data is going to create 1.9M IT jobs in the US alone.

In conclusion, we can say that security, enterprise mobility and Big Data are three future technologies for IT sector.

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