Smart Home Automation solutions

By Rania Sep 21, 2020, 1:38:42 PM , In Automation
Smart Home Automation  solutions

You all have probably seen those luxurious lifestyle videos somewhere on social media or youtube where a guy remotely fills and heats the water of his bathtub driving on his way home via his phone, a lady that sets her oven on to heat food before going out of her work office, or a couple closing the gate of their house and turning its off lights and close curtains all remotely, streets away from their location. You probably remember that video of Bill Gates house tour and how he controls his entire four-floor mansion from lights, water, climatization, gates…etc with a mobile app. Are you wondering what are the technologies behind this home automation phenomena?  How it is developed?  and is it possible for you to control your own house remotely with your phone?

All you need to know about home automation systems

Home automation is an in-home living and lifestyle experience based on IoT technologies applications  (internet of things)  that Position Systems (IPS) locate people and objects and connect different types of machinery, giving the ability to control program and schedule actions on the network.

How beneficial?

Smart Home automation solutions can control different aspects of your house from lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances; monitor switches, door contact, motion & light sensors, Smart thermostats, security features like Indoor security camera control, smart locks, etc.

The entire system is connected and led by an IOS or android app installed in the user’s phone enabling full secure remote control.

Solutions we offer

Developing home automation software takes specialized leveraging in many technologies to create useful solutions like:

Waste Management: a solution that enables its user to optimize his home wastes and manage them efficiently.

Water Leakages Detection: Smart AIML and IoT based solution that detects any water leakage in your pipes and taps by measuring water pressure and on/offs of our home available taps and notifying the user about it to take action and fix it.

Parking Management: A smart solution that helps its user control his parking gates and lights remotely without having to step down his car every time to enter his home. It also informs him or his guests about where to park, the presence of other vehicles in that park and it can even give parking instructions according to the available space to avoid incidents.

Home Security Management: This is is probably the most demanded solution in the market. It’s an IoT and cloud-based application enabling full access of the user’s home security system everywhere any time giving full control: from turning on/off cameras, changing cameras direction for a better watch, IoT base facial detection system to know who’s at the door, checking all locks of the house and remotely lock any door left open, notifying the user about any attempt of breaking inside his house, etc.

Measure & Control Home Environment with IoT Sensors: A developed system permitting the launching of actions with a stimulus. There many examples like:

  • A scheduled grass watering system
  • Fire detecting system
  • Smart thermostat system to heat and cool space
  • Curtain control by censored light detectors
  • Programable  lock/unlock door systems
  • Programable  heating water system
  • Automatic light turn off

Home Appliances management: an IoT based mobile app enabling its user to take full control of his home appliance in his absence and take actions such as turning on/off the oven, AC fridge, coffee machine, cook, etc fill the bathtub, heat water, start the car, etc.

Control Home Access: A security-based app that enables the user to give home access when needed and Control home doors and gates with one click.

Energy Savings & Optimization: A home automation system that helps to notify the user of present  energy-consuming devices in order to optimize energy consumption.

Home automation is becoming more and more standardized and might even become more affordable in the future giving access to its full advantages.

Why choose IndiaNIC for home automation solution development

With our 22 years of experience, we came to determine the ideal user-centric dashboard enabling us to build a solid team of technology leverages enabling us to deliver flawlessly tens of home automation solutions giving full comfort and efficiency to the user We customize and develop uniquely each and every solution according to the well-analyzed customer inquiries.

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