Tech Giants Become Carmakers – After Google's Self-Driving Car, it's Apple's

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Tech Giants Become Carmakers – After Google's Self-Driving Car, it's Apple's

Innovation is a never-ending process in tech companies. As tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are all set to bring forth the devices working on the Internet of Things (IoT) concept, a few of them pour cash in robotic vehicles’ production. These days, as automated cars are readily seen on the Californian roads, the blog talks about tech companies’ move toward automobile industry by integrating technology with cars.

It all started with Google

When it comes to bigger technological moves that affect a lot of people across the world, Google never stays behind. The driver-less car is one of the most ambitious projects of Google X, the Mountain View giant’s ambitious and futuristic technology initiative. Google is testing driver-less car technology in its fleet of cars including Toyota Prius, Audi TT, and Lexus RX450h since 2012. Though on-road results are not encouraging, and accidents are frequent in such cars, Google is hopeful to come forward with the best version of automated cars after properly and precisely including all the necessary tools and technology in them.

Google's Self-Driving Car

Google’s Self-Driving Car

Apple is now in the race

The Guardian’s recent report has confirmed that Apple is going to join Google in producing automated cars. Rumor was that the Cupertino giant is interested in dealing with the luxurious car maker Tesla, but now the documents with the Guardian have proven that Apple is interested in producing its driver-less car in tune with Google.

Secrecy- Apple’s obsession

As per the report, the Guardian comes to know that Apple is building a self-driving car secretly in Silicon Valley and has searched a safe location in San Francisco Bay area for testing. GoMentum Station is selected for automated vehicles’ testing by the tech giant Apple.

GoMentum Station is an old and abandoned Concord Naval Weapons Station, which is today known as the world’s largest secure test place. Before Apple’s secretive group of engineers approached GoMentum, Honda and Mercedes-Benz have already carried out testing of their self-driving cars.

Apple is so obsessed with secrecy that its hundreds of technologists work on this secret project under the codename Project Titan, in an anonymous office building in Sunnyvale, a few miles away from its Cupertino headquarters. Therefore, details of this project are still not known to us, but it seems that Apple’s self-driving car is almost ready for test-driving.

What it means for IT giants

Google and Apple both have some extraordinary product line for alluring affluent clients. Both IT giants are focusing on luxurious products for technology integration. Both Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay are considered as the first step from Google and Apple respectively in this direction, and now they are about to come with automated luxurious cars.

In conclusion, it is worth to mention that tech giants have already taken their strong moves toward the next-gen technology with driverless cars’ manufacturing.

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