Technologies Transforming the Manufacturing World

By Abhishek Amin Nov 6, 2020, 12:25:49 PM , In Automation
Technologies Transforming the Manufacturing World

Technologies… Technologies… !!

They are simply a blessing when we talk about transforming business, transforming lives of millions and billions. Today’s technologies like mobile app development, IoT, AI-ML, AR-VR, etc. are already on the run. Integration of these technologies with each other are opening up a new spectrum of possibilities beyond the horizon. It is hard to imagine which industries are not impacted by such life-changing technologies. 

Today we are talking about the manufacturing world. Interesting, isn’t it? Then let us get the facts straight before we peep into the different facets of manufacturing, its problems, and smart solutions which are already or could be implemented.

  • According to AI stats in 2020, nearly 30% of AI adoption in manufacturing goes to maintenance.
  • Intel has already assumed that about 200 billion devices will connect with the internet and work as IoT devices by 2020.
  • IoT can give 15% productivity increase in delivery and supply chain performance.

Why was there the need of these technologies?

The manufacturing industries are facing the biggest changes in their business environment since last decade. Customers need faster deliveries with good quality which make it even more difficult for manufacturing companies to maintain the production line and supply chain without automation. The wear and tear of the machines would be more than ever and there are always increased chances of machine failures affecting the production capacity. That affects the commenced processes too.

What if the machines can tell you how they feel? 

The data which can be carried out with these technologies can exactly state the health of the machines. Instant information can be carried out with unprecedented precision to improve decision making. With AI-ML algorithms, predictive maintenance can be achieved to identify the machines which require maintenance of optimum performance. 

On the other hand, technologies could help detect the micro defects which are invisible to human errors, all in real-time. The machine calibration can be monitored for optimal efficiency and desired quality output. This is called condition monitoring which fosters predictive maintenance that helps manufacturers to save huge costs and time because they can repair the machinery before it fails.

Technologies helping Manufacturing Industry Go Boom

Let us now have a brief look at a few technologies which are transforming the technology world.

M2M Technology

By this time, the Internet of Things (IoT) is not at all a new concept. Machines are connected to each other with the help of the internet and are already having a greater impact in overall business processes and operations. It brings automation in the processes and allows information sharing between machine-to-machine as well as humans. The possibilities with IoT are:

  • Smart factories via automation
  • Tracking of equipments
  • Customer details tracking for future usage
  • Remote monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Smart inventory
  • Supply chain optimisation

AI Powered Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence powered bots are one of the most trending AI-ML technology solutions used for robust manufacturing operations. The chatbots are making things easier for customers and vendors even by being representatives alike. The possible enhancements in manufacturing sector are:

  • Human-like interactions with vendors
  • Guide to customer queries for hands-on information sharing
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Possibility of quality control bots to take appropriate actions
  • Transparent and visible manufacturing establishments

iBeacons / BLE 

Beacon based wireless technology which consumes low energy is used for transmission of data within short distance. BLE beacons are able to transmit and receive two way information. The beacon records various parameters like temperature, pressure, motion etc. using the sensors. This data can transmit to nearby devices for recording and monitoring for further analysis. 

  • Automated collision detection
  • Automated batch creation in ERP
  • Stock management
  • Indoor navigation for materials and inventory
  • Plant environment monitoring to avoid hazardous situations
  • Ensure safety standards 

IoT for Fleet tracking and Warehouse Automation

IoT allows the integration of various IoT solutions and applications to any existing warehouse operations. This helps mainly to increase the productivity, avoid the stocking and inventory errors, and cuts the overall operational costs. It also helps to manage the assets to ensure security of the assets. IoT also helps to manage and track the fleet operations to speed up deliveries with data used for future predictive maintenance.

  • Streamline processes for inventory optimisation and shipping costs
  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Eliminating human errors
  • Real-time visibility for asset monitoring
  • Smart surveillance implementation
  • Delivery alerts in real-time
  • Fleet data gathering, monitoring for predictive analytics

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How can IndiaNIC help?

Ever since its establishment in 1997, IndiaNIC has not been a product company. Instead, it is a service company having all the technical abilities in-house that will give you amazing software experience, right from the ideation to the implementation. 100% project success and client satisfaction is in our DNA.

Our technical expertise for technologies like  AI-ML, AR-VR, IoT, BLE, GPS, geofencing, etc. has empowered us to provide end-to-end solutions to the following facets of the manufacturing world.

  • Ports and Shipping
  • Aviation
  • Metros and Railways
  • Returned Items Intelligence
  • Asset Management Intelligence

Have an idea to take your business to the next level with the right set of technologies? Contact experts at IndiaNIC now.

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