Time is Just Right for Enterprise AI

By admin Feb 6, 2021, 10:40:49 AM , In Automation
Time is Just Right for Enterprise AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in the limelight after consolidating for almost a decade. This one of the most innovative and interesting technologies is all set to spread its wings from consumer-centric territory to enterprise-focused territory. We can rightly say it the Enterprise AI technology. Read on to know the importance of AI in industries.

As per a survey conducted by IDC, many entrepreneurs work on integrating AI elements in their business apps, and about half of all the business apps will incorporate AI in some or the other form by 2018. Here the question arises: What are the reasons for giving so much importance to AI integration across different industry verticals? We can quote the few reasons as an answer to this question:

Mounting pile of data:

Industries sit on a mountain of data in a highly competitive business scenario. Analyzing this much data for an optimal and productive outcome is a herculean task for any enterprise. Therefore, AI can be introduced in enterprise system for proper data mining and analysis.

Better processing power:

As we move toward the fifth generation, computers have mightier computing ability than their previous versions. Ever-increasing processing power of computers is a blessing for the industries to store and access data as and when necessary. AI can lend a helping hand for retrieving critical and sensitive business data on the move.

Cost reduction:

An introduction of AI can be useful for the enterprises in two ways- one, it can become a better option to workforce, and second, it can better manage the existing workforce. In a way, AI can contribute to reducing various costs through offering cost-effective business solutions to the companies.

Efficiency and effectiveness:

AI increases productivity and brings flexibility in business processes. It can increase the efficiency through improving the effectiveness of available resources. We can say that AI can effectively eliminate the requirement of hiring additional resources.

Competitive edge:

Artificial Intelligence is a technology of tomorrow. By implementing AI in the business activities, companies can get the additional competitive edge over their rivals.

It is fair to mention that though integration of AI in the enterprises is at odds with an existing workforce, we cannot rule out the possibility of complete AI integration in the future.

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