Top Automation Solutions & IoT Applications for Diverse Industries

By Abhishek Amin Oct 6, 2020, 11:16:46 AM , In Automation
Top Automation Solutions & IoT Applications for Diverse Industries

The New Normal – this is what every single person is adapting to, ever since the 2020 Lockdown due to COVID 19 was lifted globally. Currently, the domestic and international logistic operations have resumed. Industries are still analysing the overall loss. But at the same time, businesses are looking for the opportunities to be better than what they were before this pandemic. Because we, the humans, have always prevailed no matter what.

A lot of businesses have gone making the best use of the new normal, where social distancing is instilled in our culture. Food businesses transformed into online stores, groceries too. It is a huge paradigm shift we are looking at when we consider the multiple industries.

In this article, let us have a look how the Internet of Things (IoT) can transform various industries by integrating with other technologies to offer seamless automation solutions. Businesses only need to select the right IoT Solutions development partner who can offer end-to-end IoT services, from strategic IoT consultation to design, development and implementation.

The best thing about it is that IoT technology can readily fit with strategic business objectives and on combining with mobility; it can reduce downtime and increase productivity significantly while improving the security of application data. 

Industry Solutions using IoT & Automation

Smart Home Automation (Real Estate)

Home Automation defines the ultimate living experience for the people. From dining experience to utilities, safety and security; people have become more inclined towards adapting enhanced automation solutions leveraging IoT and voice based technologies in their homes. With home automation, users can access and control home appliances and gadgets, literally from anywhere. Home/ Office automation has brought an unprecedented revolution in the Real Estate industry. 

  •     IoT powered Smart Lighting
  •     Alexa Skills based Smart Home Automation
  •     Advanced waste management
  •     Remote access of appliances with IoT based mobile apps
  •     Smart Locks for Enhanced Security
  •     Parking management
  •     Smart Meters and Utilities for energy savings/ optimization

Automation in Healthcare (Healthcare)

IoT technology and automation solutions can tackle the real problems like human errors, treatment uncertainty, long and boring waiting times, limited data access, communication gap between doctor-patient and payment challenges. IoT solutions can streamline the operation workflow of medical staff including doctors with precise data of patients on-hand to increase the efficiency and productivity. Automation also helps in managing invoices-payments and performing health analytics using Artificial Intelligence.

  •     Custom Healthcare Automation Solutions
  •     Smart Hospital Management System
  •     AI-ML based Predictive Analysis
  •     IoT Automation based Connected rooms
  •     Secure Data sharing Platform
  •     HIPAA compliant Automation Solutions
  •     Smart Inventory System for Waste Management
  •     IoT based Health Monitoring Kiosks

Advanced Logistics Solutions (Logistics & Transportation)

Connected Cars is just an example. Automation in infotainment systems have also led people to be in touch with the real world while driving. GPS technology is playing a huge role in providing more accurate information to the drivers on the road. Advanced solutions have made it easy for businesses to enhance efficiency while reducing the overall costs. IoT and automation solutions are also helping local garages, individual drivers and big enterprises like fleet management companies on different aspects of the automotive industry.

  •     IoT based Vehicle Diagnostic System
  •     Real-time fleet management
  •     Vehicle Telematics
  •     AI-ML based Predictive Maintenance
  •     Smart Warehouse & Logistic Solutions
  •     Supply chain Management Solutions
  •     Smart Driving Assistant
  •     Automated Cloud-based Infotainment Systems
  •     Cloud Services for Connected Cars
  •     Blockchain Solutions for Automotive Insurance Companies

Smart Retail Solutions (Retail & Commerce)

Retail industry has competition in itself since the existence of Ecommerce/ mCommerce platforms. Quality, robust and scalable end-to-end solutions and automation for the retail and commerce industry which will help customer retention and better customer experience. IoT, Blockchain Payments, BLE/ iBeacon, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) are technologies which can enhance retail & commerce from marketing to payments, to both consumers and business owners with seamless operations.

  •     Smart Retail Supply Chain Management
  •     IoT based Smart Mirror for Virtual Style Check
  •     iBeacon based Proximity Marketing
  •     ML based Predictive Analytics of Customers
  •     Smart Shelves
  •     Smart Deliveries
  •     NFC based Payment System 

Smart Farming (Agriculture)

Smart farming, an IoT based solution which is needed the most given the situation of farmers in most countries. The potential of IoT technology and applications in the farming and cultivation sector is huge. The goal of IoT technology in farming is to make farmers more capable to manage the lands, livestock along with farming with more efficiency and reap the rewards with enhanced productivity while cutting the overall costs and waste. Smart Plants, Smart Irrigation and Smart Water Management systems will allow farmers to gather precise data remotely and make better decisions for farming.

  •     Site Specific Crop Management
  •     IoT based Precision Farming
  •     Sensor-based Field & Resource Mapping
  •     Remote Crop Monitoring
  •     Remote Equipment Monitoring
  •     Live Stats on Livestock Feeding & Production
  •     Predictive Analytics for Crops & Livestock
  •     Livestock Tracking & Geofencing

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